Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Trump Broadcasting Company

I don’t really know about this, but people are saying that Trump might start his own broadcasting network if he is not elected. What a great idea! Just think of the people who could assist him.

1. Roger Ailes, former head of Fox News and expert on sexual harassment.

2. Rudy Giuliani, and, Leroy (aka Newt) Gingrich, two experts on marital fidelity and moral conduct (both members of the three-wives club) who are happy to judge and lecture others on these topics. And such charming fellows as well.

3. Stephen Bannon, master of dirty tricks, from Breitbart.

4. Sean Hannity, the short guy with the big mouth who knows everything, and that’s all he knows.

5. And perhaps he could bring back Sarah Palin, the woman who made Dan Quayle look smart. Since she seems to speak some sort of strange language, perhaps Mike Pence could serve as her translator. He ought to be good for something because he sold his soul to Trump for a worse deal than Esau got.

Just think of the conspiracy theories they could conjure up, the facts they could imagine, the alternate universes they could create.

Charles J. Pecor, Macon

Trading knives

When I read Monday’s paper I thought that I had made a mistake when I found the article about Centerville leaders. Leaders? The vaunted city of ethics strikes again. I am sure that Becky Purser is just reporting what the Harley propaganda machine spewed. Ed Tucker did not resign; he was canned after Harley blew it choosing him for chief. The main reason they can’t, or won’t find a new chief is that Tucker hasn’t returned Harley’s knife that was stuck in Tucker’s back. He is keeping it for old time’s sake and fond remembrance of the debacle caused by Harley and his sycophants. Some police officers have been overheard saying that the best place to sit in City Hall is with your back to a wall. It provides some protection. Purser needs to check her facts before accepting anything, and I mean anything, that comes out of Centerville City Hall.

Michael Colins,


Can’t complain

The Telegraph has endorsed Rep. Austin Scott. They commented that he needs to be seen more and heard from. They stated his constituency services can be improved. I think I know why he is not seen in Middle Georgia. He does not want to have to respond to questions concerning his do-nothing record. His constituency services will not improve as long as he does not respond to constituents inquires.

To me, Scott is just another career politician who is seeking re-election again. Since he has been in the House, he has never voted for a balanced budget. The debt has increased each year and the interest on the debt has increased each year. He has voted 100 percent of the time in support of Republican legislation, even if it would result in a government shutdown.

He has not defined a plan to stabilize Social Security and Medicare. I think he is waiting for our senators to tell him what to do. He has not detailed a tax plan. He seems to support the present tax code with its loopholes that benefit campaign donors. He has not identified any legislation to reform the VA or identify a program that will provide better service for vets. In each of his re-election efforts he said he will block any BRAC legislation and he supports of gun rights.

The reason Washington is so dysfunctional is because incumbents are not doing anything to correct problems. They spend most of their time raising campaign funds and making vague campaign promises. If we send the same characters back again, we cannot complain when things do not get better.

Jim Costello, Perry

Give it a rest

The FBI is really beating the old proverbial dead horse with this Hillary Clinton email (re)investigation. This is an investigation in search of a crime. Give it a rest already.

William D. Carter, Bonaire

Injustice to early voters?

Now Hillary Clinton has more emails to explain due to the email information revealed with Anthony Weiner sexting scandals. In my opinion the statement made by Emanuel Cleaver, a United Methodist pastor and a member of the Democratic Party, who in January 2010 became chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, is some of the cause of racial uproar and a divided country, much less why people are sick of Washington. His comment, talking with Neil Cavuto on the “Cost of Freedom” show, was: Due to all the scandals involving the latest information with the FBI re-opening the case, if Hillary wins the election, the Republicans will claim an injustice and Democrats will claim justice was done, causing a dangerous situation.

That statement alone is a threat of racial violence if it does not go the way parties want. The heck with parties and Washington and Congress, upholding laws against political criminal behavior is what our country should be about along with upholding morals. Further what an injustice to some 15 million early voters who were not informed due to the FBI putting off claiming Hillary did nothing wrong.

Faye W. Tanner, Macon

Chance is inadequate

A 4-year-old grandson once asked my wife, “Grandmother, are you thinking what I am thinking?” Yes, children think deep concepts at early ages. Regrettably, as adults we let our bias modify our thoughts. So many claim science proves global warming is mainly the result of human activities. My question is how many of those who believe this postulate based upon purported scientific investigation do not believe in an all-knowing, powerful entity even though scientists have discovered two trillion galaxies, and they also say the size of Pluto determines why our galaxy exists and remains. Chance is an inadequate explanation.

Arthur D. Brook,


Oh really?

Most educated Americans knew at some point a Anthony Weiner would bring down the Clinton Crime Family. However, we thought it would be Bill, not Anthony. Please Google Huma Abedin and you will know the real meaning of Trojan horse. Wake up America and get on the Trump train. You owe it to your children and grandchildren. This is it. Vote now or never ever complain again about the government.

Mike Wolff, Macon