Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Great celebration

On Sept. 18, the Ocmulgee National Monument Association in partnership with the National Park Service concluded the 25th annual Ocmulgee Indian Celebration at Macon’s Ocmulgee National Monument. This year more than 20,000 visitors attended from all over North America. Attendees came from 45 of Georgia’s counties, 24 states and Canada.

The association’s board of directors and staff wish to thank the monument’s superintendent, Jim David, his staff and the National Park Service for their superb leadership in making this celebration the premier educational and native cultural event in the Southeast. The celebration would not be possible without generous sponsors and supporters. This year we wish to acknowledge the Knight Foundation, The Telegraph, iHeart Media, Geico, Harvey’s Supermarkets, Navicent Health, Wal-Mart, Northrop Grumman, Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau and NewTown Macon.

We also appreciate all of our Native American participants, especially the Muscogee Nation. Their rich culture is what we honor during the celebration. Please join us Sept. 16-17, 2017, for the 26th Ocmulgee Indian Celebration. If anyone is interested in the learning more about the mission of the Ocmulgee National Monument Association and our support to Ocmulgee National Monument, please check our website: www.ocmulgeemounds.org.

Terry Jones,

president, Ocmulgee

National Monument


Nana’s little girl

I felt so sorry for the little girl in Daniel Lee’s letter Wednesday. It is sad that innocent children must pay the price for the irresponsible and antisocial behavior of bad parents. Today’s women reject the good men who would be good husbands, fathers and providers, or if they do date and marry one, they cheat on him and take him for everything they can in a nasty divorce. They spend their time bed-hopping from one “bad boy” to the next and partying it up.

Then they “hit the wall” around age 30 or so with no marketable job skills and three or four kids by three or four baby-daddies who are nowhere to be found and complain that they can’t find a good man now that they’re ready to settle down. Well that’s because all of us good men don’t want them.

Nana, if you’re reading this, please raise that little girl right so that she doesn’t turn out like her mother. She’s had a hard enough life already.

Mike Ganas, Macon

Sharing numismatic talents

As a commander in Royal Ranger Outpost No. 201 at Christ Chapel Sportstowne in Macon, I wanted to extend a public thanks to three members of the Middle Georgia Coin Club for taking time out of their schedules to share their numismatic knowledge with our Discovery Rangers group. Our group is currently working on the Coin Collecting Merit and through a series of calls and emails, I was able to line up Chip Davis, Dale Schuneman and Ann Dodson to come to our meeting and give a presentation about coins and paper money. They did a fantastic job and even gave each Ranger an old coin to keep. Chip, Dale and Ann, thank you so much for an awesome presentation and taking time out of your schedules to assist us with the requirements of the Coin Collecting Merit.

Jacob Cox, Macon

Game over

Trump is obviously no match for Hillary Clinton in a one-on-one debate. However, his supporters are not looking for him to possess the intellectual capacity or the requisite political skill set to beat Hillary in such a setting — they are already locked in, but there are others on the uncommitted side that may be influenced by his performance. That is a big risk for him to take and frankly I don’t see him showing up for what would be considered “suicidal” if he did. If he shows up and stands his ground and miraculously be declared the “winner,” then the game is over.

John Haugabrook,

Warner Robins

Alt-right/ Alt-wrong?

Catherine Meeks’ column on the “alt-right” movement is yet another desperate Democratic scare tactic raised because the Democrats have long run out of ideas and responsible arguments to maintain their control of the African American community. We have come to expect such an inability to converse in the national dialog, and I fully expect to see such nonsense in the debates and other scare-mongering from the Democratic Party. That said, I am confused as to why Meeks claims Hillary Clinton supports the alt-right movement when she says: “a person who is seeking to be the commander in chief supports their ideology.”

Douglas Fingles,

Warner Robins

How bad can it be?

Gas prices continue to rise due to Alabama’s relatively small gas line break last week. The news reported a maximum gas loss of 336,000 gallons. I did the math. That amout of gasoline would fill up 22,400 vehicles with 15 gallons per vehicle. There are over 10 million people in Georgia and more than 3.74 million registered vehicles as of 2010. With those numbers in mind, a loss of 336,000 gallons of gas is like a drop in the bucket of our normal usage. Either we are getting gouged or I’m ignorant of how bad the problem is.

Mike Smith,

Warner Robins

Avoid expense

Every day we have numerous people in Municipal Court who have been charged with driving on a suspended license. The great majority of them are suspended for failing to appear in court on a previous case. If you get caught driving on a suspended license or with no license, the minimum fine is $500 plus costs. Depending on the number of violations, a misdemeanor sentence can go as high as 12 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. You will likely be arrested and your car towed. If found guilty, there is an additional suspension.

If you miss a court date, the state automatically suspends your license. They do not have to inform you of the suspension; Georgia law “assumes” you are aware. If you even suspect you have an outstanding ticket, please call the court and find out. If you get a recording, leave your name, birthdate and citation number, if you have it. Don’t take a chance.

Bobby Faulkner,


Government Center