Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, September 26, 2016

Down ballot questions

The Telegraph’s position on Amendment 1 is disappointing in its failure to consider our children receiving poor or negligent educations in some Georgia communities year after year. This editorial could well be one the NEA (National Education Association) prepared. Ignored here is a systemic failure in many school districts to provide anything approaching a good education, therefore condemning our children to a life of failed expectations.

I live in a county where year after year our school system has failed our children. Whether they are white, black or Hispanic it is a crying shame; that it is ignored in the name of protecting failed school boards, poor administrators, and in many cases poor teachers. In many of these communities there is an incredible number of candidates seeking school board positions, only to fail to make any significant changes once elected.

Few more ardent opponents to state or federal intrusion into local communities exist than myself, but we are talking about failing our children. These children are the future of our state and nation. Amendment 1 offers a chance to correct this situation with a return to local school board control in five years. Our children deserve a chance. On Nov. 8 give them that chance.

David Middleton,


What’s become of us?

What has become the United States? Just because the current president is not one you prefer or even like that doesn’t justify abandoning the basic rights we all have. Attacking people who disagree with you will accomplish nothing but hard feelings. It weakens the fabric of America. We now have challenges from two candidates that have such diverse opinions as to wonder why and how they got there to begin with. I see men and women turning on each other on all of the propaganda news shows, MSNBC, CNN and FOX. They get down right vicious, ill-mannered and immature. Turning citizens against each other is leaving our defensive nature wide open for any invader, real or imagined, to take advantage of the situation. And it is happening.

I ask you to vote your heart and mind. I ask that you be willing to defend someone whose verbiage burns you up, just as he should defend you. We have gotten through some very bad times and we will get through whatever happens in November. Please lay off the attacks and meanness.

James Huber, Centerville


The constant barrage of letters urging voters to support Hillary Clinton reminds me of a scene from a 1940s Bob Hope movie in which he asks a gentleman to explain zombies. The man replies that a voodoo priest brings the recently buried dead back to life. The zombies have no will of their own and walk around with dead eyes, following orders while not knowing what they’re doing or caring. Bob Hope then exclaims “You mean like Democrats?”

More than 70 years later, nothing has changed. It does, however, explain why the dead always vote for Democrats.

Walker Smith, Byron

Incentive pay

Recently Peabody Energy, which has failed miserably to manage the company, went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now the stockholders are told the federal Judge has allowed the company to pay $12 million in bonuses to the top management. That judge earns about $200,000 a year. The stockholders have lost more than $10 million. Do you see why our governments are failing to manage our budgets?

Carolyn Effie, Macon

Dead horse

Enough with Hillary Clinton’s emails already. A half dozen congressional investigations revealed nothing and an FBI criminal probe resulted in no charges being filed. There’s nothing behind that curtain. Move on. The news media and the GOP are continuing to beat the proverbial dead horse.

William D. Carter,


Giving back

After reading Charles McGhee’s rant about African-American athletes (The Telegraph 9/19) I was initially puzzled by what he objected to most: blacks attending mostly white universities; black athletes hiring white agents or black athletes with white girlfriends and spending their money in mostly white businesses. As he finished castigating the whole of the black athletic community for not “making things better for blacks in inner city communities” it became abundantly clear that McGhee, like many in this current political climate, are not constrained by facts.

To name just a very few African Americans for whom the idea of “giving back” is not a slogan: Warrick Dunn, Braylon Edwards, Ben Gordon and Jamal Crawford all set up charities and or scholarships while they were still young stars in their fields.

Dunn, in particular, has helped award houses to single, working parents who otherwise would never own a home. Not just one but more than 150 in the past 20 years. His charity, “Home for the Holidays” partners with local Habitat for Humanity chapters in Florida, Georgia and Louisiana to help select and qualify families in the same way Habitat selects families in its own programs.

For Dunn, inner city violence is not an abstract evening news post. His Mother, a single mom and a policewoman in Baton Rouge, was killed in the line of duty. He became a star at Florida State, Tampa Bay and later Atlanta. He gives back.

As for McGhee’s other “observations,” there is little sense in trying to explain why a highly sought after athlete might choose UGA over a historically black college like Grambling. Or why such a person might sign with an agency with a proven track record over a perfectly swell, if inexperienced, law grad from Howard University. It is only in the past few years that blacks have been able to get employed in these large firms. There are a few and more will come. And, though his worldview is shrinking and he thinks so much has changed, most large business are still white-owned or managed and mostly by men. So sit in blissful ignorance, Charles, you have a lot of company these days.

Bob Carnot,

Warner Robins

Clear choice

If you are concerned about “climate change” you have a clear choice in the presidential election. Donald Trump calls climate change “a hoax put forth by the Chinese,” “a scam to put coal miners out of business.” He would reverse the Paris Accords and reverse Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Because the past three years have been the hottest on record and the coral reefs have been bleached, maybe irreversibly, Hillary calls “climate change” an “urgent threat.”

John Ricks, Cochran