Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, September 19, 2016

Opinions stop, help starts

I’m tired of these rich, black football players who mostly attended predominantly white colleges, hired white agents and many with white lady friends, spend their money in mostly white businesses and then cry about how bad we have it in America. If it’s so bad, how did they get so rich? If it’s so bad for us, why aren’t they pooling their money together and trying to make things better for blacks in inner city communities with crime problems? Why aren’t they creating summer jobs for at-risk youth to keep many of them from going to YDC and ending up later in life going to prison?

I spoke to a young inmate in prison who went in at 17 and is now 24 and about to be released. Like so many, he has never held a job. Why aren’t the black athletes speaking out for the Black Lives Matter movement? They were too busy getting prepared to earn more money. All they have ever done is play football. If you know how bad things are for your people, stop giving your opinions and start giving help.

Charles McGhee,

Warner Robins

Parlez-Vous Francais?

There are mysteries in life that will be with me at my demise ( hopefully not too soon). One is the Cox Communications channel of a French news program. I like France but I can barely sit through our news, much less the news from France. I did play one game where I tried to convert the Celsius temperatures from their forecast to the Fahrenheit equivalent. I even took to Google to get the mathematical equation but to no avail as I determined the temperature in Cairo, Egypt, was at least 180 degrees. I soon abandoned that mental jiujitsu.

You may ask why take an interest in a French TV news show? It is a channel surfing thing and when you are surfing you sometimes linger awhile to satisfy your curiosity. What is the point of this letter? There really is no point other than to believe that someone at Cox Communications has determined that I need to expand my cultural horizons to the world beyond Middle Georgia. Oops, the French Parliament is in session. This should be good!

P.S.: I really do need to get a life.

Lou Stennes,

Warner Robins

Where does it end?

Here it is, more of the same. Racism at its finest. State Sen. David Lucas asking our governor to consider black judges because of color. Nothing mentioned about qualifications and merit of these judges whom he wants considered for Georgia’s Supreme Court. Can you imagine the uproar of there were a “Georgia Association of White Elected Officials”? But this shouldn’t really surprise me coming from Lucas. Where does it end?

Ken Fowler, Hawkinsville

Alpha male

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (for health reasons) sent her husband Bill, not her vice presidential candidate nominee, Tim Kaine, to fulfill her campaign obligations. If elected (heaven forbid) and health issues prevent her from fulfilling her presidential obligations, will Bill Clinton, not Kaine, become the alpha male in her administration?

M. Diane Middleton,

Peach County

Sexual bribe

Make no mistake. Hillary Clinton is giving full support to the far-left goal of obtaining civil-right status for transgenders, even if those transgenders constantly change their minds about what gender they are and even if they retain the sexual orientation of their biological bodies. The far-left activists have even invented a phrase — “gender fluidity” — to describe that situation. And these same sexual bullies have quietly added a “Q” to LGBT — which stands for “questioning” — a growing list of those sexual non-conformists that the rest of us must let into the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

A Hillary administration will appoint judges who will rule in favor of these new LGBTQ demands. Unbelievably, the NBA and NCAA have decided to buy into this wacky agenda, punishing noncompliant states like North Carolina by pulling a dozen championship and all-star games from that state. Apparently, the suits running professional and college sports, who pride themselves on aggressively punishing athletes who are convicted of domestic violence, are OK with their wives and daughters being subjected to biological men in their restrooms and school locker rooms.

And so the showdown has begun. Democratic blue states like Washington have already mandated the teaching of gender fluidity in public schools, with the stated goal of convincing school children by the third grade, that there are “dozens” of genders, not just male and female. States with Republican governors and state legislatures, 32 at last count, are resisting. The left is confident they will ultimately prevail, because they have convinced so many major corporations such as Target and Wells Fargo in addition to the sports world to embrace their sexual agenda. The threat of lost revenue for red states is and will be used to bribe those states to eventually trade women’s sexual safety for money.

Rinda Wilson, Macon


Yes, I am a Trump supporter. I do have a phobia. That phobia is called liberal progressive Hillary phobia.

Brian T. Reid Sr., Gray

More ‘vetting’

Sonny Harmon’s Telegraph column suggests a novel idea beyond horse racing, “vetting.” I immediately thought of vetting The Telegraph’s columnists, but felt “fair and balance” warranted a voice from the left. Since my last email to Frank Gadbois went unanswered, I moved on alone vetting these columnists: the one who would have been pope; the one whose travels to places/meetings that appear only relate to race and racism; the one who travels with the important and mighty but still consults his seemingly undereducated friend and tries so hard to be humorous; the one whose claim to fame is a Pulitzer prize honoree. See, Frank, I did need you, and we could also discuss those admirable Brits; their niceties in the English Civil War, the Scots and Irish that I am currently studying.

More vetting and SPLOST defined: Pile of money extracted from unwilling citizens provided to a group of other people vetted for their ability to spend other people’s money where and when they desire with minimum oversight.

Arthur D. Brook,