EDITORIAL: Good night for Houston County schools

The citizens of Houston County can, rightfully, pat themselves on the back. At least some of them can. They passed an E-SPLOST on Tuesday that will have a far more lasting impact on their community than any of the presidential candidates. Though the present E-SPLOST will not end until March 31, 2017, it was wise to put the building blocks in place now so that proper planning and implementation could take place for the five years following.

In this modern era, it is unfortunate that some of the money will be used to beef up security at all of the system's facilities. Technology is another big ticket item. Houston County continues to grow and a new elementary school will be added.

There is only one down side. Houston County has almost 70,000 voters, and yet only a third of them decided to show up at the polls. Fortunately, more than 73 percent of the ones that did show, decided supporting the district's schools and the children who attend them was a good idea.