EDITORIAL: Our seniors deserve the best we can offer

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

-- Cool Hand Luke

There is a simple solution to the impasse between the county and the senior citizens who use the senior center. The first location chosen was former Gilead Academy and Bloomfield Recreation Center off Rocky Creek Road. Many of the seniors didn’t like that location one bit. Now the old gym at Miller is being discussed.

Here’s an idea, something voiced by Commissioner Al Tillman very well. The seniors need to come together and decide where they want the center; what the county can do is facilitate the process. Find out what the seniors enjoy about the present location and what they want in a new facility. Do they want to be near a health-care facility? A bus line? How much parking do they need? Do they want walking paths or other recreational opportunities?

There may or may not be anyone in county government who can facilitate such discussions. If not, certainly, among Wesleyan, Mercer and Middle Georgia State, those skills exist. And it might be better for a disinterested third party to lead the discussions anyway. The county and seniors need to hit the reset button and start the process with fresh eyes and form a partnership to get this important project completed. Our seniors deserve the time and effort it will take to make this a first-class facility.