Editorial: Community looking good for the 33rd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

This community owes a great deal of gratitude to itself. The 33rd annual Cherry Blossom Festival has been a success despite Mother Nature’s attempts to rain on the festival’s parade, which it did last Sunday, but people came out to support the parade anyway.

While the organizers have been flitting around town at the different events -- recognizable by their pink attire, they’ve been joined by thousands of residents who have gotten into the pink spirit, too. Mailboxes and doors are decorated with pink bows and ribbons. Painted car and business windows are gracing the entire area. From the frisbee catching acrobatic dogs to the marsupial kangaroos from down under to the midway rides and other events, Central City Park is alive with people and animals. Pink ice cream is a daily hit at Third Street Park.

But aside from the dignitaries from over 20 countries, the organizers and sponsors, a big thank you has to be given to the many, many volunteers who make this festival grand. As you know, there are cherry blossom festivals all over the country, many older than ours. Still, there is a reason why our festival sits at the top.

While the 300,000 yoshino cherry trees have something to do with it, the real reason people visit and return year after year is because of our people. Their time and effort at the various venues is invaluable.

The Macon-Bibb Parks & Beautification and public works department have toiled behind the scenes to keep our highways and parks ready for visitors’ eyes. The Macon-Bibb County Sheriffs Department is also on that long list of agencies that have made this festival special. And the nice thing about it? The festival is far from over. We are looking for the weather gods to cooperate this weekend and there is a full slate of activities. Amateur boxing comes to Freedom Park, Northeast High School hosts the Stand Dance Battle Competition and if you’re into Fords, particularly Mustangs, Central City Park is the place to be.