Endorsement: Houston County Board of Education District 7 (Countywide)

All three candidates for the Houston County Board of Education running for the District 7 countywide seat -- Griff Clements, who served on the school board for eight years, David McMahan, a Northside graduate who taught in the system and became director of facilities supervising a $200 million construction budget and Andy Rodriguez, a 32-year Air Force vet and volunteer in the system, pointed, not to the school board for the success of the system, but to having a cadre of highly-qualified teachers.

Clements feels he’s got more in him to give to the system and feels the board is acting more as a rubber stamp to the administration.

Rodriguez, who has four degrees and has been all over the world, would bring enthusiasm, something he has tons of, to the position. He’s engaging and personable and you quickly get accustomed to his to the waist ponytail.

Being a school board member in any system is one of the most difficult elected positions. It takes time and commitment, something each of these men are willing to give. The job may well be more difficult in a successful system. It’s a good problem to have when the conversation is about maintaining excellence and getting better, rather than how do we pull the system out of the ditch.

It’s been said that a community gets the quality of school system it demands. Houston County demands plenty, as it should. While all three men are capable and qualified to sit on the school board, we feel McMahan is the best fit.

His love for the system is evident and he feels it’s going in the right direction, but communication remains an issue.

He understands the budgeting process, and like all three men, knows the personalities involved from the superintendent to the classroom teacher.

McMahan, having taught in the classroom will have a keen understanding of the plight of teachers and the everyday problems they face, even in good school systems. He wants to be a team player and with his background with the system, that should be the easy part.

We endorse:

David (Dave) McMahan.

Candidates interviewed by: John Planchon, Bob Hubbard, Charles E. Richardson