Are you a low information voter?

Those of us on the right are often amazed -- and sometimes frustrated -- at the lack of news information displayed by many of our friends, family and co-workers. To illustrate this phenomenon, I have put together a brief “You Might be a Low-Information Voter if ...” test.

Readers are encouraged to take the test. If anyone believes my facts are wrong, please write back with verifiable facts. I will gladly accept Pinocchio noses if your facts trump mine.

1. Every American who pays federal taxes is now funding abortion through Obamacare. Because every state must offer at least one plan that pays for abortions, and because some of those who choose these abortion plans qualify for taxpayer subsidies, we are all now helping to fund abortion in America, in direct violation of the Hyde Amendment.

2. According to the latest U.S. Census figures, Americans who self-identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual are less than 3 percent of the population. The latest Gallup poll on the subject reveals that most Americans believe that these groups comprise about 25 percent of the American population.

3. The president’s new Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Sarah Saldana, just announced that the federal government would not force so-called “sanctuary cities” to obey current federal immigration laws to turn over criminal illegals to the feds because Congress hasn’t yet passed comprehensive immigration reform.

4. When he was a state senator in Illinois, Barack Obama refused to vote for a law that would require medical personnel to give medical care to a baby who happened to survive an abortion. Recorded tape has then-state Sen. Obama arguing that such a baby must not be helped to live because that would force his/her mother to “revisit her abortion decision.”

5. President Obama changed the welfare work requirement from mandatory to voluntary by secretly tucking it into his massive stimulus bill of 2009. Nationwide, the number of people requiring food stamps has risen 18 percent since then.

6. For well over a week, Americans on social media have been sickened by the secretly recorded tapes of several top Planned Parenthood executive physicians chatting casually over lunch about how they are careful to crush the heads and legs of the babies they are destroying, rather than their torsos, so as to preserve the babies’ livers, heart and lungs for potential buyers. ABC, CBS and NBC, spent less than 12 minutes total on these shocking revelations during the 10 days following the news break.

7. Remember the secretly taped Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy meeting in which Romney lamented that it would be hard for him to win the vote of the 47 percent of Americans who paid no federal income taxes? The person who secretly taped Romney was President Carter’s grandson.

8. Recently, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was asked how well President Obama’s plan of using $500,000 to train over 5,000 Syrian soldiers a year to fight ISIS. Secretary Carter replied that so far we have trained a total of 60 Syrians.

9. The Iran deal that Secretary of State John Kerry put together contains a provision in which America promises to come to Iran’s defense if another country tries to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Thus, if Israel tries to preserve their existence by crippling Iran’s program by cyber-sabotage or military action, America will be bound to stand with Iran against Israel.

10. News out of Oregon reveals that since that state raised the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, many workers are opting to work less hours so as to not lose their welfare benefits. The same scenario is being reported in San Francisco though across the country the momentum to raise minimum raises is trending up.

11. So far, not a single private business event vendor who refused to service a gay wedding for reason of conscience has won his case in court -- either being forced to pay a heavy fine, or pay civil damages, or both. Democrats want to further force approval of and participation in gay weddings on people who have religious objections by proposing more laws forcing the issue.

It’s obvious that all eleven of these assertions are true. If you already knew the majority of these facts, consider yourself a pretty informed voter. If you are surprised by over half of these news facts, consider yourself a low-information voter and please stop getting your news facts solely from TV network news and unverifiable websites.

Rinda Wilson is a resident of Macon.