We get the quality schools we pay for

Education of my children is the only priority that concerns me right now. Yes, they are healthy, yes, they are trained in religious matters, but in today’s world, education has to be top priority if we wish our children to succeed. It has nothing to do with luck. It all begins and ends with choice.

My husband and I would love to live in Crawford County, where property taxes are lower, traffic is scarce and time slows down. We could even have a few dogs!

However, because the education of our children is a priority, we chose to live in a subdivision in Houston County where they can attend some of the best schools in the state.

Yes, we live on a crowded street on a tight little plot of land where we can see everything the neighbors do. We know when they are grilling, we know when there is a disagreement, and what they are watching on TV. No, we are not voyeurs, we just live in close quarters.

But my children are well-educated in the best schools the county has to offer. Warner Robins High and Huntington Middle School offer a top-notch gifted/honors program as well as a multitude of sports opportunites. We are proud of our schools in Houston County, and we put up with lots of traffic, lots of people and lots of other inconveniences just so our children can go to school here.

My husband works in another county and we could live anywhere. But we chose Houston County for the children. So, parents, you get what you pay for. If education is truly a priority and you want your children to have an excellent education, then move to a county that offers it and pay for it like the rest of us.

When my children have graduated, you will see a “for sale” sign in front of my house on graduation day, and I will be moving to Crawford County. Or maybe Peach County. Maybe we can get those dogs then.

Peggy Jessup lives in Bonaire.