The erosion of freedom didn’t start with Obama

On April 15, individuals around the country rallied to oppose the present fiscal direction elected officials are taking our United States. However, I want to take issue with the participants who made these gatherings appear to be anti-Obama rallies. President Obama has accelerated this country’s dissent into the abyss of socialism but the trend began long ago.

In 1913, under the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, the 17th amendment was ratified and added to our Constitution.

This amendment transferring senator selection from each state’s legislature to popular election by the people of each state greatly weakened the states’ ability to have a voice in the legislative branch of our government.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt also greatly expanded and empowered the federal government — after his election in 1936 and “packing” the Supreme Court with justices favoring progressive (socialistic) legislation.

I stress to those who participated in the “Tea Parties” on April 15 and who plan to participate again on July 4: Our opposition should not be directed toward President Obama but to the federal government as a whole.

Any president or member of Congress who plans to continue to use taxing and penalizing to dictate their social objectives should be fervently opposed regardless of political party or program beneficiaries.

Personal freedom is and has been under assault since the early 1900s.

President Obama is only the latest catalyst in this process and opposition to him alone is not enough.

Ron Woodard is a resident of Macon