Out of county, out of luck

Our family lives in Crawford County. Our oldest son is in the fifth grade at Byron Elementary School. Thanks to the Limited School Choice Act, we have been allowed to send him there, where he is progressing wonderfully. He is an A honor roll student and has made great friends over the six years he has attended Byron Elementary.

We have recently been informed that we will have to pay tuition for our son to remain in the Peach County School System. Not only will we have to pay tuition, we have been told that he will have to attend the school closest to our residence —Fort Valley Middle School.

We do not wish for either of our children to attend Fort Valley Middle. Two of our nieces attended Fort Valley Middle where they were both A honor roll students. Upon moving to Byron Middle School, their grades dropped because the curriculum was more advanced than in Fort Valley. The teachers at Byron Middle worked with the girls; their grades improved, and they achieved their appropriate reading levels.

We feel that the No Child Left Behind Act and the Limited School Choice Act mean absolutely nothing today.

We are more concerned about our children’s education, but having to place our son in another school would bring about a hardship on our family.

My husband works in Macon and I have a business in Byron. If our application is accepted and our son has to attend Fort Valley Middle, there is not a bus that would take him home. If he goes to Crawford County Middle, there would be no one at home when he gets off the bus in the afternoons.

Besides, if we pay tuition to keep our son in the Peach County School System, we feel that we should be able to choose which school he shall attend. We do not go to the grocery store, hand the grocers $300 and let them pick out our groceries for the week.

As parents, our children are the most important things to us and their education is one of our top priorities.

Tim and Amy Gaines are residents of Crawford County.