Time to cut out the pork for the privileged

Is pork good? That depends on whether one is eating the great barbeque found in the south or seeing money set aside for friends/contributors to members of Congress for pet projects otherwise known as “pork barrel projects.”

Does that mean that we do not want funding to ensure our military bases continue to function in their efficient manner? Certainly not. Should we refuse any money to alleviate the concern citizens have about the security of our shipping docks in the Savannah area? I think as responsible citizens and caring parents we need to contact our federal/state representatives and remind them that jobs need to be created — not some spending bill to ensure the little pork barrel project, to the tune of several million, possibly a billion, dollars and does not create jobs, but is sufficient to get publicity in an attempt to ensure the congressman/senator will get re-elected so he can — guess what? — get more little pork barrel projects going.

We have severe problems with the infrastructure in this country — a terrific opportunity for jobs not just rebuilding/repairing bridges, but for the subsidiary jobs that would be created at steel and concrete plants for materials, truckers to haul the materials, accountants to tally costs, secretaries to answer phones, and engineers to design more structurally sound facilities.

Look around, people, we are all in this together. Congress is our voice. The only way each of us will really get ahead is if we pull together. Let our congressional people know that no one is guaranteed a political seat for life so they can retire with great perks while the everyday citizen must carry that congressional individual on our backs. It gets a little heavy after a while.

Norma Jean Perkins is a resident of Juliette.