Nuclear power the smart option

While I support conservation and smart use of electrical energy, the need in our state is continually growing, I commend and support Georgia Power for its proposal to build two more nuclear units to meet this demand.

There is a lot of conversation in our country today regarding the use of various energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, clean coal, bio-mass, oil and gas to meet the growing energy needs.

Georgia Power Company, and its parent company, Southern Company, have been doing research in all of these areas and I expect a mix of all will be necessary over the long run.

It is my opinion that safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly nuclear power is the best option at this time.

Statements are made about the high cost of nuclear power, but no one compares it to the other options. The federal government is preparing to spend billions of dollars on the wind option in the stimulus package. The wind option costs will be four to five times the cost of a comparable nuclear unit.

Georgia Power has successfully operated four nuclear units for approximately 30 years, and is being a responsible citizen to propose the construction of two nuclear units and Senate Bill 31 to reduce the cost of this construction. I ask that you join me in supporting this effort.

George F. Head is a resident of Macon.