Don't let the opportunity to vote in primary slip past

Today is the final day voters in the midstate will have an opportunity to cast their vote in the primary election for the candidates of their choice. (Advance voting took place last week). There are some limitations and rules of some residents may not be aware.

First, in those primary races that are partisan, voters must choose which a party, Democratic or Republican. For example, if a voter wishes to cast his or her ballot in the Bibb County sheriff's election, it will be necessary to choose to vote in the Democratic primary. Conversely, if a voter wishes to vote in the Bibb County Commission races for chairman and the District 3 posts, it will be necessary to choose the Republican primary.

Voters cannot vote in both primary races, so it will be necessary to choose which race or races mean the most to them, and then to vote in the primary in which those races fall. This will not be the case in November, when it will be possible to vote for Republican or Democratic candidates in the general election. It's also important to remember that a number of candidates in today's primary will not have general election opposition unless a yet-unannounced candidate mounts a successful write-in campaign. Unless this happens, the winner in the primary vote will take the office.

Second, it's also important to remember the state law requiring that voters present a photo ID is in force. The most common form of acceptable photo ID is the Georgia driver's license, although other forms of identification issued by a governmental agency, such as passports, state issued ID cards or military identification cards are acceptable. Voters should report to the polling place in the precincts in which they are assigned to vote between the hours of 7 a.m., when polls open, and 7 p.m., when polls close.

Here is a recap of our endorsements, including national and area county races:

 U.S. Senate, Democrat Dale Cardwell.

 8th Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Jim Marshall.

 Bibb County sheriff's race, Democratic incumbent Jerry Modena.

 Bibb County Commission race for chairman, Republican Theron Ussery.

 Bibb County Commission District 3 race, Republican incumbent Elmo Richardson.

 Bibb County School Board Post 1 race, Democratic incumbent Kenny Rodgers.

 Houston County sheriff's race, Republican incumbent, Cullen Talton.

 Houston Commission Post 3, Republican incumbent Gail Robinson.

 Houston Commission Post 4, Republican incumbent Larry Thomson.

 Houston Commission Post 5, Republican incumbent Tom McMichael.

 Peach County Commission chairman, Democratic incumbent James Khoury.

 Peach County Commission Post 3, Democratic Michael Dinkins.

 Peach County Board of Education, Post 3, Democratic Virginia Dixon.

 Jones County Commission, District 1 Republican incumbent, Larry Childs.

 Jones County Commission, District 3, Republican Mell Merritt.

 Jones County School Board, District 2 Democratic incumbent, Willie Fluellen.

Voting is one of the signature duties of U.S. citizenship, but it is one the electorate most frequently ignores. Casting a vote is simple, easy and takes but a few minutes. It's also our way of having a role in who speaks for us at all levels of government. Don't let an opportunity to have a say in the future slip past.

-Phil Dodson/for the Editorial Board