Our opinions, and a new way to share yours

We are beginning a new feature: Video editorials on the macon.com Web site. On a regular basis readers will be able to listen and watch one of our Editorial Board members give a quick review of opinions published in our paper edition.

While that's all fine and good, the most interesting part is reader response. That's right, grab your video camera and respond to our editorials, letters or cartoons. We ask that you keep it short, 1 to 2 minutes. The video quality needs to be good, but we are not looking for HD 1080p, but rather video that's meant to broadcast on the Web. The lower the resolution the quicker your video will appear on our site. We will post videos as quickly as technology allows. You can also upload an audio response, and if you have an electronic picture, please upload it as well, however you will need to upload audio and picture separately.

If you would like to respond but don't have the necessary equipment, give us a call (478-744-4342) and we can set an appointment to record your response here at the newspaper. The same general rules printed daily on our pages apply. No matter how much Frank Gadbois upsets you, be civil.

The instructions to upload video and audio to our Web site can be found by clicking on the Opinion tab on the left side of the Macon.com home page. Understand, none of us are Cecil B. Demille, George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, nor do we have the looks of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. Please excuse our appearance and judge us by our content.

As always, our effort is to have an open, respectful community dialogue that presents a full spectrum of ideas. It's expected that you may not agree with everything you see or read on our Web casts or newspaper.

We welcome your feedback and there are a number of ways already mentioned to give it. Add to that our e-mail address is: letters@macon.com, or you can leave a voice mail response at (478) 744-4493. We are also available to receive your calls or e-mails personally: (478) 744-4342 crichardson@macon.com for me or (478) 744-4239 pdodson@macon.com for Phil Dodson.

Charles E. Richardson, Editorial Page Editor