‘Ethics Express’ pushes for voter support

The “Ethics Express” tour bus pulled into Macon on Wednesday afternoon to promote Democratic and Republican ballot questions that would cap lobbyists’ gifts to legislators at $100.

Elizabeth Poythress, president of the League of Women Voters of Georgia, said is a matter of ethical democracy, not something that’s a Republican or Democratic issue.

“This is a values issue,” she said. “This is what’s right.”

The bus was making a four-day, 14-city blitz across Georgia. Voters in the July 31 primary will be asked the a non-binding question about the lobbyist spending limits. William Perry, executive director of Common Cause Georgia, said voters should express their will at the polls to get Georgia legislators to clean up their act. Georgia is one of three states where lobbyists can make unlimited contributions, Perry said.

Senate District 18 candidates Spencer Price and Cecil Staton both attended the ethics rally at the Bibb County Courthouse and have pledged they’d co-sponsor a bill with the $100 limits. Price is challenging Staton for the seat.