Bivins details his opposition to consolidation

Bibb County Commissioner Bert Bivins said Wednesday that a consolidation proposal to merge Macon and Bibb County has many flaws and that it should be rejected by voters in the July 31 referendum.

“This is just a small part of what there is not to like,” Bivins said at a news conference in the Bibb County Courthouse. He went on to describe details of the bill he said would leave the government in turmoil, cut important government services, lay off workers and potentially create different levels of services within a consolidated government.

Bivins disputed claims that consolidation inherently would lead to a community speaking with one voice, pointing out economic successes in places such as Dublin that aren’t consolidated.

“If we intend to work together, then we can work together without consolidation,” Bivins said.

His statements were in line with comments made to The Telegraph about a month ago. Bivins said he had hoped to make his points earlier but was delayed because of a medical problem.