Interactive map: Macon-Bibb County consolidation

This interactive map shows the state-approved commission district lines for a consolidated Macon-Bibb County government. You can click to learn more about a district's racial and political composition, or zoom in to see more detail about where the district lines fall.

Voters will consider consolidation in a July 31 referendum. Any election maps would need to be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice before they could be used.

Data on population, race and voting-age population comes from the 2010 Census block-level files. This data is not estimated.

Voting data for the 2010 Georgia gubernatorial elections was typed in for Bibb County precincts. Where a district line split an election precinct, the share of Democratic, Republican and Libertarian votes was split up according to that section's share of the voting-age population in the whole precinct. Because there's no way to know how individual people voted, this method attempts to compensate. The methodology assumes that one voting-age person in a voting precinct is as likely to vote, and is as likely to vote in a particular way, as another person in the same voting precinct. That is not a perfect assumption. These are estimates.

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