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In video, Ted Cruz cooks bacon with a machine gun

Yes, you read that right.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz did a video for conservative website IJReview in which he goes to a gun range in Iowa, wraps a slice of bacon around the barrel of a machine gun and shoots at a target until the bacon is cooked. He and the owner of the gun range are seen sampling the rare delicacy and declaring it good.

The video, posted Monday, had nearly 17,000 views by 6:20 p.m. EDT and was trending on Twitter.

And should you try this at home – or even at your favorite target range? Probably not, according to foodsafety.gov’s “Ask Karen” live chat, which was contacted by Adam Gabbatt of The Guardian. “There is no way to accurately tell if the bacon is getting the proper amount of heat using this form of cooking,” “Karen” said. Also, the gun barrel’s cleanliness is suspect, “Karen” said.

And to top it off, in his story on The Guardian’s website, Gabbatt quoted a representative of gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson saying that guns are “not designed to do that and if anything bad was to happen it wouldn’t be covered under the warranty, that’s for sure.”

IJReview is the site that produced the video of Sen. Lindsey Graham destroying a cell phone in a variety of ways after Donald Trump gave out the number during a campaign speech. Both men are also running for the GOP nomination.