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Centerville council approves raise for three employees

CENTERVILLE -- The City Council approved a 1-percent pay raise for three top city employees Tuesday.

Mayor John Harley said Councilman Randall Wright suggested the raise for Mike Brumfield, the city’s director of operations; City Attorney Rebecca Tydings and accountant Carol Harrison.

Harley said the raises were based on expanded administration and management roles the three took after the city did away with its city administrator position last year.

Harley said the 1-percent increase was retroactive to the last pay period two weeks ago, and the increase is in addition to a 3-percent increase all city employees received the first of the year.

Harley said the vote to grant the raise was unanimous.

“We’ve been so impressed with the job the three of them are doing that we all agreed with Councilman Wright’s suggestion for the raise,” he said.

Also Tuesday, the city’s new director of police services, former Councilman Ed Tucker, advised the council of several pending developments at the department, including a suggested purchase of four used, unmarked Ford Crown Victoria police vehicles.

Harley said the used vehicles would be for Tucker, police detectives and the city’s code enforcement officer.

He said buying the used vehicles would allow 13 new Ford Tahoes being purchased by the city to be put on the road and used exclusively by patrol officers. The new vehicles replace ones that are being leased.

Harley said the idea to buy the four used Crown Victorias will have to go before the council again for approval when specific costs are available.

Harley said Tucker also suggested new uniforms for police. The new uniforms would be similar to the one-color utility uniforms worn by departments such as the Los Angeles Police Department.

Harley said the idea for new uniforms came from Centerville officers and was relayed to the council by Tucker.

Harley said the council will vote on the idea of new uniforms at a later meeting after they’ve seen samples and cost information. He said current uniforms would be kept as dress uniforms for special occasions.

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