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Macon Housing Authority gets extensive work

The Macon Housing Authority is renovating three of its major family living developments, upgrading 625 units at a cost of more than $8.7 million.

The 274-unit Anthony Homes on Wren Avenue, 101-unit Bowden Homes and adjacent 250-unit Pendleton Homes on Houston Avenue are getting the makeover. That’s 42 percent of the housing authority’s 1,489 family living units, according to the housing authority’s website.

“MHA is pleased and excited to have the opportunity to continue our mission of adding value to the lives of the families we serve and to our community,” Macon Housing Authority CEO June Parker said in a news release.

The work is being funded through a Federal Housing Administration loan and the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, which allows renovations not normally possible, the announcement said.

The Macon Housing Authority is the first such agency in the Southeast to get financing through those methods, Parker said.

Planned renovations include heating and air conditioning work, new water heaters, painting, and repairs to cabinets and floors. Anthony Homes was last renovated in 1998, according to the housing authority website, while Bowden Homes saw extensive work in 1994. Pendleton Homes hasn’t had similar improvements since 1985.

Nationwide, there is a $26 billion backlog of capital improvement needs in public housing, Parker said.

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