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Centerville council OKs Christmas bonus for workers

CENTERVILLE -- City employees will get a $216 Christmas bonus this year.

On Tuesday, the City Council authorized the bonus, which will cost a total of $14,804.

City accountant Carol Harrison said full-time employees will get a $216 bonus while part-time employees will get $108.

Councilmen Randall Wright and Cameron Andrews were absent from the meeting.

In other business Tuesday, the council agreed to move forward in defining what it wants in an economic development planner-developer, a position that’s budgeted in the current fiscal year.

Councilman Jon Nichols brought up the matter, saying he didn’t want the position to sit empty. He said that although he understands it will take time to fill the position, he wanted the council to began moving toward hiring someone.

Councilman Ed Tucker said the council needs to refine what it expects from the job and said the person ultimately hired may need to wear a variety of hats, such as also taking a wellness or human resources role. He said the current budgeted amount, about $56,000 for salary and department expenses, may not provide the city with more than a part-time planner. Tucker said the council may need to be prepared to adjust how much money it is willing to budget for the position.

The council authorized action to develop goals and a technical job description for the post.

Also Tuesday, the council:

Authorized changing the finance method on a new $35,620 truck for the city’s fire department. Tucker said city staff came up with an alternative financing method for the truck that will allow a savings in interest payments of about $4,500.

Agreed to look into solutions in response to a neighborhood petition for assistance in building a security fence in the Shannon Lane-Chase Circle neighborhood, a cul-de-sac that backs up to property owned by Warner Robins Supply Co. Mayor John Harley promised the council would look into the matter and respond within the next week and a half.

Discussed the city’s Christmas parade which will be at 7 p.m. Saturday. It begins at Thomson Middle School, runs along North Houston Lake Boulevard and ends at Houston County Galleria mall.