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Senator wants deregulation of genetically modified alfalfa

ATLANTA — Before it’s time to plant alfalfa, the federal government needs to deregulate genetically modified husbandry of the crop, believes a southwest Georgia state senator who’s asking his colleagues to sign on to a resolution urging to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to do just that.

The federal government is considering loosening restrictions on Roundup-ready alfalfa, but requiring a buffer between the modified crop and organic fields.

Organic farmers want genetically modified crops kept far from their plants to discourage cross-pollination. But the resolution authored by Sen. John Bulloch, R-Ochlocknee, argues that “issues of coexistence are always best dealt with farmer-to-farmer.”

Bulloch’s resolution has been referred to the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee. Even if the bill makes it past the Senate and House floors, it is an urging resolution and completely nonbinding.