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State legislators create ‘Blue Alert’ for wounded police officers

The state Legislature voted Tuesday to create a new “Blue Alert” system to get the word out when a law enforcement officer has been shot.

The program would be similar to the Amber Alert, which goes out when a child has been abducted.

The program is laid out in Senate Bill 397, which easily passed the Georgia House of Representatives on Tuesday. It already has passed the Senate and goes to Gov. Sonny Perdue for his signature. State Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Republican who often speaks against new government regulations and programs, was the only legislator to speak against the system Tuesday in the House.

Franklin, R-Marietta, said the state’s other alert systems are meant to save “the innocent citizen that has been abducted or has gone missing” and it’s not a good idea to add another one, even though “we are all very thankful and very grateful to the great job that Georgia’s law enforcement does.”

Franklin was one of two legislators to vote against the program. The other was state Rep. Daniel Stout, R-Dallas, who sits next to Franklin in the House.