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Council committee OKs $10,000 for Macon-Bibb business center

While Bibb County, the Macon Water Authority and the Macon Housing Authority have agreed to fund the creation of the Macon-Bibb County Intergovernmental Business Opportunity Center to the tune of $40,000 each, Macon City Council’s Appropriations Committee voted to chip in a “prorated” amount of $10,000.

The IBOC would be a “one-stop clearinghouse” to assist local businesses in bids for local government contracts. The original ordinance from the mayor’s office requested $40,000.

All the committee members said the IBOC is needed, but the city’s economic crunch makes that amount difficult to come up with.

“That’s somebody’s salary that we have fired,” Councilman Mike Cranford said. “That’s what I’m looking at.”

Instead of delaying the measure until the 2011 fiscal year budget process, the committee voted on an amendment sponsored by Councilwoman Elaine Lucas to change the amount to $10,000.

The measure passed 3-2 but must now be approved in a vote by the full council.