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Council committee approves money for handicapped baseball league

Councilman Ed DeFore pleaded Monday with the Macon City Council’s Appropriations Committee to fund the completion of a bathroom at the Miracle League Field at West Macon Park.

The Miracle League was established for handicapped children to participate in sports locally instead of having to drive to Conyers, which has the next closest league.

The original ordinance requested $8,235, but DeFore was able to get donations to bring that expense down.

The committee, stinging from a $2 million budget deficit for this fiscal year, looked for ways to trim back. The committee members decided to forego the $1,500 for the customary plaques and markers to honor the mayor, City Council and the Peyton Anderson Foundation, which donated $100,000 to the league.

Minus that cost, the total comes to a little more than $3,200. To ensure the Miracle League can open its season on time, the committee approved the ordinance.