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Oxendine to attend town hall meeting in Forsyth

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a 2010 candidate for governor, is expected Thursday in Forsyth for a town hall meeting on the Fair Tax as well as for a campaign training session.

Oxendine will be joined by Gene Key, a former director of Georgians for the Fair Tax, and the two will be “traveling the state raising awareness” about the Fair Tax, according to Oxendine’s gubernatorial campaign.

Basically the Fair Tax proposal would abolish federal income taxes and replace that revenue with a national sales tax. Oxendine supports doing much the same thing in Georgia, doing away with the state income tax and replacing that revenue a variety of ways, including through increased sales taxes and toll road fees, his campaign manager, Tim Echols, said.

The event runs from 3:30-4:45 p.m. at the Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, located at 68 N. Lee St., according to the campaign. The training session for would-be Oxendine campaign volunteers will last about an hour after that. Those who complete the training session will get a free campaign T-shirt, according to the campaign.Oxendine, a Republican, is one of more than a dozen candidates running for governor next year.