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Your Say: Obama’s first 100 days

Obama’s choices of Cabinet members do not make a road well traveled.

— Mary Cason


It’s real important that our president be given an honest try to rectify the problems that he inherited. Every one is expecting a quick fix and too many of the residents of Middle Georgia are hoping that he will fail. It took President Bush more than 100 days to put this country in the mess that it is in now and people have to realize that it’s going to take more than 100 days for President Obama to fix it. I, for one, am glad to call myself an “American” again. We can take pride in our country and feel good that we have someone in office who is capable of leading us out of the mess that we are in.

— Bob Murdy


President Obama has saddled the United States with over 10 trillion dollars of debt that our great-grandchildren won’t be able to pay off in their lifetime. President Obama signed a multibillion-dollar stimulus package that neither he nor anyone else bothered to read. He promised not to sign any bill without the voters having five days to study the bill.

President Obama lied about giving 95 percent of the people in the United States a tax break when only about 45 percent actually pay taxes. President Obama found it necessary to go to foreign soil and call the United States “arrogant and derisive.” President Obama is putting some very undesirable people into his Cabinet and other government positions.

I would bet that we will be attacked again. God help us and forgive the United States for electing this man. Armageddon is coming!

— James W. Spicer


President Barack Obama has made some impressive moves since taking office. Most notably, committing to closing Guantanamo Bay prison, injecting a stimulus package into the economy and a global outreach effort that will eventually garner renewed respect and trust in the leadership and citizens of America.

Like him or not, one must admit that he is restoring dignity to the Office of the President. Hopefully he will soon earn the respect and trust of naysayers as well, which will solidify him as their president too, just as he has strived to be these first 100 days.

Since it appears that he was “tailor-made” for this particular moment in our nation’s history, we all should be supporting his efforts that are obviously in the country’s best interest. How he is handled, however, by detractors could determine America’s fate. To them (naysayers) I would say choose wisely.

— Clarence Thomas Jr.


The first 100 days of the Obama administration can be summed up in four words: terrifying, incompetent, arrogant and unscrupulous. Put another way, Chicago-style politics is alive and well in the District of Columbia with an administration as transparent as a septic tank. President Obama consistently ignores input from outside his “inner sanctum” in order to pander to ACORN, the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org, the Teamsters and lobbyists.

It is appalling that our president would apologize for America to Europeans, bow before a Saudi king and commit numerous social gaffes. Obama is more interested in being liked and covered like a Hollywood celebrity such as Madonna. His administration is responsible for the greatest spending spree and most monumental budget deficit in U.S. history, which will cripple generations of taxpayers. Let’s hope the next 100 days will be better.

— Bill Jackson


Obama has commented during his first 100 days as president of the United States that he will not raise taxes on anyone that makes below $250,000 per year. Yet he is for cap-and-trade. Who do you think will pay for the rationing of coal, oil, and natural gas? Just the people who make over $250,000 or people who heat or air-condition their homes or drive their cars.

— B.A. Beary


I believe the president is doing a masterful job. I see him as a true visionary and the sort of leader that we desperately need at this juncture in our country’s history. He is focused on solving the critical problems that face us now, but he also has an eye on bringing America into the 21st century and beyond. None of this has been, or will be, simple or easy. The country lost critical ground during the Bush years, and we will be a long time catching up. Additionally, some of our citizens refuse to see beyond their own narrow world view, prejudice, ignorance and fear and will do all they can to halt our progress and forward momentum. It was important to me to respond to this question, because I am sure the haters’ comments will flood your in-box.

— Paulette S. Reeves


As of this point in time, the president is giving me every indication that he is weak and ineffective. He gives great speeches and makes a good appearance, but beyond that, he does not give me confidence as a leader. I strongly feel that he will be a one-term president.

— Ellen Endres

Warner Robins

Excellent! President Obama has shown an ability to lead in many and different ways. He is traveling to several foreign countries to reassure them of America’s support and care, e.g. Mexico, European and Asian countries. He is not ignoring Cuba. He takes direct interest in Iran and Iraq without the need to batter them in war even though he understands that our troops are still there and we need to resolve that problem.

He is warm and caring and respects those to whom he is talking even if he disagrees. He is a strong family man who loves his wife and children. He shows strength in leadership, ideas and relationships for the future of the United States. When he makes what he considers mistakes, he apologizes and moves on. He shows the ability to explore new areas which he has not previously known. We are a lucky country!

— Mary Anne Armour


I feel the president is going too fast with some of his concessions, especially when he portrays America as the “baddest of all nations.” He was elected to be a representative of the people. He seems to be on the appeasement roll, especially with some of our worst detractors, those who have vowed to destroy us. It is almost like a hot-shot rookie ballplayer who wants every hit to be a home run.

I do not favor socialism for America. Our values have gotten us through many hard times. What other country has rebuilt the countries they defeated in war (Japan and Germany)?

— Norma Kelly


President Obama’s social and political world view is based on having been raised without traditional advantages. His mother and her parents were terrific; giving him what he needed to bootstrap his way through Harvard, Chicago politics and a national presidential campaign.

President Obama has taken on, without recrimination, the disastrous residuum of a prodigal administration. In his first 100 days, he has passed significant, reconstructive legislation and executive orders to reverse the economic slide. In doing so, he has treated us to an administration whose hallmarks are intelligence, intensity, competence, probity, energy, vigor, empathy, compassion, faithfulness to the Constitution, thoughtfulness, openness, family values, loyalty, sincerity, common sense, political savvy, pragmatism, trustworthiness, collaboration, deliberation, decisiveness, discipline, morality, courage, open-mindedness, modernity, private piety, humor, sociability, constancy, stability and fairness.

He has made significant progress in returning our and the world’s confidence in America. We are becoming, once again, the relevant, constructive leader — the city on the hill.

— Camp Bacon

Nancy Terrill


It is exciting to watch this young president as he represents us both internationally and here at home. In his first 100 days President Obama has used his considerable intellect, resources and abilities to deal with the challenges he faces of a broken economy, broken health care system, two wars, a crippling energy crisis and the stained U.S. reputation in the world. What Americans want most from this president is the economy restored and a health care system restructured to benefit everyone fairly.

He inspires confidence in me that he is capable of meeting the challenges he faces. I hope he succeeds and America flourishes as a result.

— Elaine Pope

Warner Robins

In past elections, if I voted for the losing candidate, I still prayed for, supported and felt I had a president. I started out that way with Obama but as each week goes by I feel insecure in that I don’t have a president, nor one that cares about the people.

He is a deceiver — not stopping “pork” as he said he would, rushing bills through so that no one has time to read them. He appoints czars, people around him that are responsible to no one but him and are not elected representatives. He has not proved his citizenship. He is trying to destroy our Constitution and capitalism. Government has no right to run businesses. He tries to get things he wants by going the back way, getting it done and then it’s too late. He should send the illegals home making room for American workers, not costing us in extra taxes.

— Janet Lee Kahtava

Warner Robins

I did not vote for Barack Obama, and I never once thought that he was capable of being a good president. Along with millions of other Americans, I could see that he did not possess the leadership abilities, selfless character and strength to do this important job.

Since Obama became president, he has lied about important things. He has surrounded himself with people who had not paid taxes and with those who are of very questionable character. He is a pawn of two very destructive people in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, among others.

Barack Obama continues to seek honor and glory for himself, and the adulation of leaders around the world who hate America. He has even apologized for America, instead of defending our country with his every breath. He said he wanted to change America, and he has, but certainly not for the better.

— Dolores Couey

Warner Robins

I cannot properly express just how unimpressed I am with our new administration. The media is more concerned about his stupid dog than the fact that very little has actually been accomplished. When is our nation going to actually do something about the Somali pirates? When is the U.N. going to address the situation for that matter? What bills have been introduced that have had any substantial impact on our nation? What’s being done about the drug issues along our southern border? My questions go on and on without answers.

President Obama has the God-given opportunity to either be the greatest president in our nation’s history, or the very worst. Right now, I’m not holding my breath. Throwing billions of dollars around isn’t fixing anything. It’s just throwing insane amounts of money out the window.

— Joseph Carroll

Warner Robins

Let’s see: He’s taken our tax money to do abortions overseas, destroy human embryos here, bowed down to foreign kings, kissed butts of America’s enemies, placed future generations in debt they will be hard pressed to pay off, taken money from hard-working people who lived within their means to give to people who were greedy and made bad decisions, and now he wants to put politicians in charge of our nation’s health care system, the car companies, the banks etc. What do you think?

— Herbert McCollough


He took a bad situation and made it worse. The government does not need to bail out any private sector business. Bowing to any king of any country is wrong. He has shown the world how weak we are, and he is. With him in office the Civil War has been fought many times over in many places. He has brought the country to its knees. He wants to stop unemployment? Send all illegal aliens back, slam the gates shut and make the lazy Americans take the jobs. The crime and unemployment would decrease. And for God’s sake get rid of Pelosi and all the fat cats spending the Social Security up on Capitol Hill. And stand up and be a man and prove you are a citizen. If I were a soldier I could not support you, knowing you are not a citizen but playing at being the president.

— James Brown