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Bibb's Charlie Bishop gets rare honor at the Capitol

Former Bibb County Commissioner Charlie Bishop got a rare honor this morning in the Georgia Senate, which read a resolution in his honor.

These resolutions are common, and dozens of people are invited to the front of the Georgia House or Senate for brief speeches and pictures with the Speaker of the House and the lieutenant governor.

But seldom are they formally announced by the sergeant at arms and escorted into the Senate chamber by a committee of escort. That's an honor given to the governor of Georgia, a few dignitaries and, on Friday, Bishop.

"It was great that they did that then," Bishop said. "I didn't know it was special."

The lieutenant governor and local state senators had flowery compliments to pay Bishop once he made it to the front of the Senate chamber. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said it was "a great honor to recognize and honor this very distinguished" Georgian.State Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, said Bishop's "life has really been fully and completely about public service."

Even a Democrat, Macon state Sen. Robert Brown, complimented the staunch Republican.

"I enjoyed doing business with Chairman Bishop," Brown said

"You always knew who you were dealing with and what you were dealing with," Brown said. "When you sat down and you made a deal, you knew that you had a deal. And if you didn't have a deal, you knew that too."

Bishop, a long time Macon police officer who rose to deputy chief of police, served as a regular county commissioner and, for the last four years, as chairman. He lost the position to current Chairman Sam Hart in November, despite winning an endorsement from popular Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue.