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State legislator abandons attempt to make Bibb chair position full time

A brief attempt to return the Bibb County Commission chairmanship to a full-time job was dead on arrival and has been abandoned, according to state Rep. Allen Peake, who had hoped to push the issue.

There simply wasn't enough support among Bibb County's other state legislators, Peake said, to make the issue worth pursuing.

"I was a little surprised that there wasn't support for that," said Peake, R-Macon.

The commission voted to change the chairman's position from full time to part time several years ago as Chairman Tommy Olmstead was retiring. Charlie Bishop, who served the last four years as chairman and was replaced by current Chair Sam Hart, was the first part-time chairman under that new arrangement.

But Bishop worked a lot of hours, and Peake said the job is really a full-time gig with part-time pay. Peake said no one on the commission approached him about changing the job back to full time, but he wanted to "correct what I perceived as an injustice."

State Rep. David Lucas, D-Macon, said he had no interest in addressing the issue. He said that, if commissioners want to make the change, they can take the same steps they took to make the job part time.

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