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Turnout strong in some midstate counties

More voters in some counties turned out for today's election than the past the two presidential primaries, early numbers indicate.

In Peach County, 45.6 percent of registered voters showed up at the polls, said county elections supervisor Michelle Riley. That compares to 21.5 percent in 2004 and 28 percent in 2000.

In Crawford County, 37.2 percent of voters cast ballots in the primary, said Brenda Peacock, the county's elections supervisor. About 18 percent of voters came out for the 2004 primary and 23 percent came out in 2000.

"I think probably there was a lot of controversy over this (election), more so than in the past, and that's what made people get out," Peacock said.

Other midstate counties are still counting ballots.

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