Someone turned ‘Clemson’ into ‘Lemson.’ Cops think it might be this guy

End-of-year shenanigans in Clemson, South Carolina, left a building damaged and a well-known sign spelling out “lemson,” police said last week.

By Monday, the missing consonant had returned. “The ‘C’ has reappeared. It’s like magic, just not as cool... and not magic,” Clemson police said. The “C” was stolen from the Tiger Sports Shop near Clemson University.

On Tuesday, Clemson cops were back on Facebook: “Anyone recognize this young man? I’d love to ‘C’ him.... If that didn’t make it obvious enough, I am searching for the young man in the attached video in connection with the shenanigans at Tiger Sports Shop last week.”

The post, lighthearted as always from Clemson PD’s social media team, continued, “His three friends too, but I’ll start with him while I continue to gather evidence. I appreciate the return of the item and all... but we still need to talk. If you recognize him, please contact me here, or at 864-624-2000. As always... you may remain anonymous.”

Police last week posted to Facebook: “OK... which one of you stole the ‘C’ off the top of The Tiger Sports Shop downtown and caused damage to the other one in an apparent failed attempt to take it. Do you realize the hornets nest you just stirred with your shenanigans?”

The consonant caper happened sometime between Monday and Thursday, police said. The sign had been on the building, once the Clemson Theatre, since 1984, the Greenville News reported.

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