‘Super thankful, man.’ Shark nearly bit surfer’s leg — but got his board instead

Screengrab from KATU video

Sitting on his surfboard waiting for a wave, surfer Nate Holstedt noticed a shark cruising toward him Tuesday near Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast, KATU reported.

He pulled his legs out of the water just as the shark’s bite put a dent in his surfboard, KOIN reported.

“It missed my leg by six inches, man,” Holstedt said, KATU reported. The force knocked him off his surfboard, but Holstedt climbed back on and swam to shore. “I’m standing here right now untouched. I’m (expletive deleted) super thankful, man.”

Oregon State Parks and Recreation officials have posted signs warning beach-goers of shark activity, KPTV reported.

A ranger also has been stationed at the beach, near Pacific City west of Portland, according to the station.

The Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the beach after the incident, KOIN reported.

The chances of getting bit by a shark while swimming in the ocean are very, very slim. Just in case, and to hopefully ease your mind, here are a few tips from the International Shark Attack File to reduce your chances of getting bit.

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