Vandal in SUV plowed into this Kentucky man’s snowman. He didn’t know about the stump.

A 9-foot snowman had the last laugh over the weekend when a vandal attempted to run it over.

Cody Lutz, of Petersburg, Ky., made the most of last weekend’s winter wonderland when his fiancée and soon-to-be sister-in-law visited from Mississippi. The weekend festivities included the building of a massive snowman, which was constructed in Lutz’s front yard using a large stump as the base.

The snowman, decked out in a top-hat with a smile on its face, was adored by passers-by.

“Everyone driving by loved him and waved and honked to express their delight,” he said.

Not everyone was a fan of Frosty, however. When Lutz arrived home Monday, he discovered a set of tire tracks across his front yard ending at the snowman, he said. The snowman remained intact, with the stump then exposed with a snow imprint of a bumper stuck to it, according to Lutz.

Lutz said Frosty had the last laugh.

“Apparently Frosty had been handing out life lessons to some very-surprised 4x4 vandals,” he said. “You reap what you sow!”

Lutz has had fun with the story on social media, posting memes related to the event and joking that he will be signing autographs.

“Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid,” he said on Facebook.