Drunken-driving mariachi slams SUV into Jack in the Box after gig, Texas cops say

A Mariachi band member is detained after a crash involving an SUV and a Jack in the Box restaurant.
A Mariachi band member is detained after a crash involving an SUV and a Jack in the Box restaurant. Twitter screenshot

Jack in the Box brands itself as a late-night spot for hot snacks, but this probably is not what the restaurant has in mind.

An SUV driven by a mariachi musician, fresh from a gig in San Antonio, slammed into the front of a Jack in the Box restaurant on the west side of Town early Thursday morning, according to KSAT.

Police responded to the call at about 3 a.m., at the Jack in the Box off Culebra Road and 24th Street.

The driver and at least one other member of the band were in the SUV at the time of the crash, police told the San Antonio Express-News. The driver was detained and arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, the newspaper reported.

But the crash doesn’t appear to be a case of someone too eager to satisfy a late-night craving, with a heavy foot on the gas, according to KABB.

KABB Video screenshot

The driver told police he was driving along Culebra and missed his left turn onto Northwest 24th — which led to him jumping the curb, ramming the building’s front support beams and wedging the vehicle into the front entrance, the station reported.

Photos from the scene show bricks and rocks strewn across the property after the crash. The building’s front entryway appeared to take the brunt of the crash, as shattered glass littered the front entrance as well.

No injuries were reported.

Dashcam footage from a bus captured footage of a car flying off the median and into the second floor of a building in Santa Ana, Calif.

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