Political Notebook

Macon resident making bid for congressional seat held by Austin Scott

A Macon resident is campaigning for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Green Party candidate Jimmy Cooper will formally announce 2 p.m. Saturday at Rosa Parks Square his candidacy to become the District 8 congressman, a news release said.

Georgia's 8th congressional district covers sections of middle and south Georgia, including Warner Robins and parts of Macon. It’s currently represented by Republican Austin Scott.

“Cooper, a working-class Georgian, hopes to inspire other working-class Americans all over the U.S. to get involved in the political process, run for office at every level of government as progressive candidates, and support other progressive candidates who run for office,” the release said. “In this time of negativity and divisiveness in U.S. politics, Cooper will run a positive, forward looking campaign, and hopes to bring Americans, of every walk of life, together to work for the common good.

“Cooper believes that the American people are tired of establishment politics, and are ready for positive change, and believes that he will be successful in getting on the ballot, and that he will win the election as a Green Party candidate.”

Cooper has been involved with the American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action, Grassroots Campaigns and worked on presidential campaigns for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.

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