Political Notebook

Warner Robins gets a robot police dog

The Warner Robins Police Department’s newest officer made an entertaining debut at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Lt. Arno is a robot dog who tools around in a little police car as he talks to children about wearing safety belts, bicycle helmets, looking both ways when they cross the road and whatever else might be important for kids to know.

Lt. Jeff McCommon, the department’s community relations officer, bought the robot with $12,500 donated by businesses and individuals. He got the idea while seeing one in action at a safety conference.

“I noticed how the kids just gravitated toward it,” he said.

He thought it would be a good way to communicate important messages to children in a way that might be more memorable to them. He can speak to children through the dog using a headset. Lt. Arno’s car also comes with flashing blue lights. The demonstration at the council meeting delighted the audience.

Lt. Arno is named in honor of an actual Warner Robins police dog that did a lot of public relations work with school children. Any groups interested in having McCommon do a presentation using Lt. Arno can call him at 293-1055 or email jmccommon@wrga.gov.