Ed Grisamore

Gris: Time for Cuatro de Trivia

Welcome to Cuatro de Mayo, the lesser-known little brother of Cinco de Mayo.

It’s the perfect day for some Monday Morning Trivia, before all those fat burritos kick in on Tuesday.

1. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Georgia General Assembly designating which famous crop as the official state vegetable?

(A) Silver Queen Corn. (B) Better Boy Tomato. (C) Vidalia Onion. (D) Ocmulgee Okra.

2. George Towns, who was born on this day in 1801, is one of three men buried at Macon’s Rose Hill Cemetery to hold what office?

(A) Mayor of Macon. (B) Governor of Georgia. (C) U.S. senator. (D) Sergeant-at-arms of the College Hill Alliance.

3. Nanaline Holt Inman Duke was born in Macon in 1870. A widow, she married a wealthy North Carolina tobacco tycoon named James Buchanan Duke. When he died in 1925, she and her daughter inherited a fortune of what would be worth almost $1 billion today. Part of his estate was endowed to Duke University, which was named after his father. Who was her well-known heiress daughter?

(A) Patty Duke. (B) Doris Duke. (C) Marmaduke. (D) Duke of Earline.

4. When Catherine Brewer Benson graduated from Macon’s Wesleyan College (then known as Georgia Female College) in 1840, her name was called first alphabetically, making her the first woman in the world to earn a college bachelor’s degree. Fifteen years later, her son, William Benson, was born in Macon. He also holds the distinction of being the first at something. It happened on May 11, 1915 -- 100 years ago next week. What was it?

(A) He was named chief of U.S. Naval Operations. (B) He was elected Georgia agriculture commissioner. (C) He was appointed chaplain at Wesleyan College. (D) He became known as Willie the Riveter.

5. Al Wood, a standout basketball player from the University of North Carolina, was drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Hawks in 1981. Where in Middle Georgia did Wood play high school basketball?

(A) Crawford County. (B) Wilkinson County. (C) Dodge County. (D) Jones County.

6. Actor Pernell Roberts was best known as Adam Cartwright in the TV series “Bonanza” and Dr. John McIntyre on “Trapper John M.D.’’ Where was Roberts born and raised in south Georgia?

(A) Waycross. (B) Valdosta. (C) Bainbridge. (D) Hahira.

7. In light of the recent rioting in Baltimore, let us not forget the executive order issued by former Macon Mayor “Machine Gun” Ronnie Thompson in June 1970. It stated that anyone engaged in lawlessness and anarchy must be stopped. What were the last three words of the executive order?

(A) Kiss My Grits. (B) Vote for Me. (C) Shoot To Kill. (D) Eat Mor Chikin.

8. Which of the following is NOT true about the Tubman museum in Macon, which is scheduled to open its new 49,000-square-foot facility in 12 days?

(A) It is the largest museum in the Southeast dedicated to the history, art and culture of African-Americans. (B) It is named for Harriet Tubman, often known as the “Black Moses” for leading some 300 slaves to freedom in the 1850s. (C) It was started by the Rev. Richard Keil in 1981 in an 8,500-square-oot abandoned warehouse downtown. (D) It only took a few weeks raise the $22 million to build it.

9. Taylor County is named after which famous Taylor?

(A) President Zachary Taylor. (B) Actress Elizabeth Taylor. (C) Singer James Taylor. (D) Singer Taylor Swift.

10. What is Macon’s oldest church, founded in 1825?

(A) Riverside Methodist. (B) Christ Episcopal Church. (C) St. Joseph Catholic. (D) Central Fellowship Baptist.

ANSWERS: (1) C. (2) B. (3) B. (4) A. (5) D. (6) A. (7) C. (8) D. (9) A. (10) B.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Top enchilada. (7-8) Holy salsa.(5-6) Siesta time. (3-4) This is just nacho day. (0-2) Sinkhole de Mayo.

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