Ed Grisamore

Gris: Trivia is a good sport

In honor of Monday’s NCAA basketball championship game and the opening of the Major League Baseball season, Monday Morning Trivia will lead off with a couple of questions about the games we play.

Sorry, non-sports fans. Either put on your extra-large thinking caps or take some lucky shots and swings.

1. Former Mercer basketball coach Bill Hodges was the head coach of undefeated Indiana State when it played Michigan State for the NCAA Tournament national championship in 1979. Who was the star player for Hodges in that game?

(A) Magic Johnson (B) Larry Bird (C) Julius Erving (D) Meadowlark Lemon

2. Which former Atlanta Braves manager was born in Macon and also managed the 1962 Macon Peaches team that featured Pete Rose?

(A) Joe Torre (B) Dave Bristol (C) Bobby Cox (D) Chuck Tanner

3. Ten years ago today, on April 6, 2005, Macon’s Rotary clubs celebrated the nationwide centennial of Rotary International by dedicating what at Rotary Park on Riverside Drive?

(A) Fountain (B) Walking trail (C) Swing set (D) Giant bagel art

4. The Round Building at Central City Park originally was named Smith Art Hall”after Macon’s Bridges Smith when it was built in 1904. Which of the following is NOT true about Smith?

(A) He started as a paperboy, worked his way up to a printer’s apprentice and became editor of The Macon Telegraph in 1880. (B) When he was 13 years old, he joined the Fifth Georgia Reserves during the Civil War and fought in the Battle of Griswoldville. (C) He was mayor of Macon from 1899 to 1907 and turned down an offer by a druggist friend named John Pemberton to buy stock in a company Pemberton started to market a drink he invented called Coca-Cola. (D) Other buildings at the park named after him include the Blacksmith Building, Wordsmith Building and Smitty Hall.

5. What downtown attraction opened in April 1999 and is the largest of its kind in the nation?

(A) Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (B) Greyhound Bus Station (C) Eternal flame at City Hall (D) Macon-Bibb Convention & Visitors Bureau

6. Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee all are depicted on the giant carving at Stone Mountain. What are the figures of Blackjack, Traveler and Little Sorrel also displayed in the carving?

(A) Swords (B) Dogs (C) Horses (D) Twitter user names

7. Two years after former Macon Telegraph reporter Archibald Butts died on April 14, 1912, President William Howard Taft traveled to Augusta for the dedication of the Butts Memorial Bridge. It is the only memorial in Georgia dedicated to what tragedy that took the lives of Butts and more than 1,500 others?

(A) Battle of Little Big Horn (B) Titanic (C) Hindenburg (D) Flu epidemic

8. The late Gen. Robert L. Scott, who would have turned 107 years old Sunday, was a man of adventure. Which of the following is NOT true of Scott, who grew up in Macon?

(A) He walked the Great Wall of China. (B) He was instrumental in the founding of the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, one of the largest Air Force museums in the country. (C) He was born on a bench at the Wellston Depot. (D) A stretch of Ga. 247 at Robins Air Force Base is named in his honor.

9. In the 1800s, Lumber City in Telfair County was known for having the largest what in the South?

(A) Cotton gin (B) Saw mill (C) Methodist church (D) Mosquitoes

10. What did John Wesley start in Savannah in 1736?

(A) First rail service to Macon (B) First pool hall south of Pooler (C) First bridge club east of the Mississippi River (D) First Protestant Sunday School in America

ANSWERS: (1) B (2) B. (3) A. (4) D. (5) A. (6) C. (7) B. (8) C. (9) B. (10) D.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Grand slam. (7-8) Slam dunk. (5-6) Squeeze play. (3-4) Air ball. (0-2) Strike out.

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