Ed Grisamore

Gris: Trivia dives right into April

Monday Morning Trivia wonders if there is a better time of year than the next two weeks.

Easter weekend. Opening day of baseball season. The Final Four. The Masters golf tournament. Grisamore’s birthday.

1. Wednesday is April Fool’s Day. Which of the following did the late Hank Hasler, notorious for his outrageous pranks around Macon, NOT do as a practical joke?

(A) He claimed to have caught a sand shark in the Ocmulgee River. (B) He told friends he discovered gold on the banks of the Ocmulgee. (C) He boasted that he lassoed a small alligator in the alley behind his tavern on Vineville Avenue. (D) He bragged about flying a drone over the Coliseum parking lot at a Macon Whoopees hockey game.

2. Which Macon golfer played in The Masters five times, finishing in the top 24 in 1952?

(A) Peter Persons. (B) Arnold Blum. (C) Russell Henley. (D) Jim Stuart.

3. Which of the following is NOT considered one of Georgia’s natural wonders?

(A) Okefenokee Swamp. (B) Stone Mountain. (C) Brown’s Mount. (D) Amicalola Falls.

4. Actor Jack DeMave, who participated in last week’s Cherry Blossom fashion show and lives at Carlyle Place in Macon, is most famous for his role as Ranger Bob in what television series?

(A) “Batman.” (B) “Bonanza.” (C) “Lassie.” (D) “The Shirley Hillbillies.”

5. Tuesday is the anniversary (March 31, 1933) of The Soperton (Georgia) News becoming the first newspaper in the U.S. to print on what?

(A) Pine pulp. (B) Aluminum foil. (C) Cardboard. (D) Erasable bond.

6. What was the original name of Byromville, a community in Dooly County?

(A) Pleasantville. (B) Unpleasantville. (C) Citizenship. (D) Friendship.

7. Actor Brad Dourif played the lead role as Hazel Motes in the 1979 movie “Wise Blood,” which was filmed in Macon and based on the story by Flannery O’Connor. Four years earlier, Dourif was nominated for an Academy Award in which Jack Nicholson film?

(A) “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” (B) “The Shining.” (C) “As Good As It Gets.” (D) “The Bucket List.”

8. When a tornado hit Fort Valley 40 years ago this spring, it killed two people, injured more than 50 and destroyed more than 300 homes. Which anchorman reported on the tornado for CBS in 1975?

(A) Brian Williams. (B) Walter Cronkite. (C) Barbara Walters. (D) Peter Jennings.

9. Why were the flags lowered at half staff in Macon on April 12, 1945?

(A) Unemployment rose to 1.9 percent. (B) President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in Warm Springs. (C) The Cherry Blossom Festival started charging $5 admission at Central City Park. (D) Repeal of Affordable Health Care Act.

10. What is staurolite?

(A) The official state mineral of Georgia. (B) A brand of luggage manufactured in Hahira. (C) A popular light beer brewed in Perry. (D) Opening day left fielder for the Atlanta Braves.

ANSWERS: (1) D. (2) B. (3) C. (4) C. (5) A. (6) D. (7) A. (8) B. (9) B. (10) A.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Penthouse suite. (7-8) Room with a view. (5-6) Loft apartment. (3-4) Broom closet. (0-2) Cellar dweller.

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