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GRIS: Monday morning trivia bids adieu to 2014

I hope you have tested well on Monday Morning Trivia this past year. At the very least, maybe you have learned something. I know I have.

There were 25 trivia columns in 2014, which means there were 250 questions, give or take a few bonus ones.

I have selected some of the more intriguing questions from the past 12 months for today’s final exam. If you are a regular reader, your pencils have plowed through these before, so we’ll see how much you can recall.

1. The interchange at Interstate 16 and Ocmulgee East Boulevard is named in honor of Macon native Fred Black. Black died on Dec. 20, 1940. Who was he?

(A) Architect of the roundabout at College and Oglethorpe streets. (B) Eight-term state senator from Payne City. (C) First Georgia state trooper to die in the line of duty. (D) Owner of Fred’s Dollar Store.

2. Jim Williams, who was born in Wilkinson County, was an antiques dealer in Savannah accused of murdering his assistant, Danny Lewis Hansford, in May 1981. He is the only person in Georgia to be tried four times for the same crime. The story was detailed in which best-selling book and movie?

(A) “In Cold Blood.” (B) “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.’ (C) “Whisper to the Black Candle.” (D) “Water for Elephants.’’

3. Maj. Archibald Butt was a U.S. Army officer and former reporter for The Macon Telegraph and several other newspapers. He served as a military aide for Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft until his death in 1912 at the age of 47. What caused his untimely demise?

(A) He was kicked in the head by a mule. (B) He was run over by the Central of Georgia Railroad’s Nancy Hanks on her final run. (C) He was a passenger on the Titanic. (D) He was killed in a motorcycle crash.

4. Which of the following is NOT true about Macon-born actor Melvyn Douglas, who won Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in “Hud” in 1963 and “Being There” in 1979?

(A) His father was a Russian-born concert pianist and professor of music at Wesleyan College. (B) His wife, Helen Gahagan, ran a high-profile campaign against Richard Nixon for the U.S. Senate in California and gave Nixon his famous nickname “Tricky Dick.” (C) At the Georgia State Fair in Macon in 1903, his baby carriage was covered with morning glories and described as being “most tastefully decorated.” He also was singled out in a newspaper article as an “exceedingly pretty little man.” (D) He played the role of Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird.’’

5. Hugh Landrum’s Auto Shop in Macon became the nation’s first franchise for which company in April 1956?

(A) Midas Muffler. (B) Goodyear Tire. (C) Jiffy Lube. (D) Sear’s Automotive.

6. How did the community of The Rock in Upson County get its name?

(A) Everyone in town is hard-headed. (B) In the old days, the mail was delivered to a large rock, where a secret hole was covered by a flat stone. (C) A nearby pasture is the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll. (D) The Department of Transportation once used large stones as speed breakers to slow down traffic on Ga. 36.

7. Which of the following is NOT true about Ed Roberts, who was living in Cochran at the time of his death in 2010?

(A) He was considered the father of the personal computer. (B) He was Bill Gates’ first employer, and Gates visited him in a Macon hospital to pay his last respects. (C) He invented the YouPad to rival the iPad. (D) He was in the first graduating class at Mercer’s School of Medicine in 1986.

8. Macon-born actor Sam Edwards was noted for his role as the banker in the TV series “Little House on the Prairie.” He also provided the voice of which Disney cartoon character?

(A) Thumper in “Bambi.” (B) Captain Hook in “Peter Pan.” (C) Pongo in “One Hundred and One Dalmations.” (D) Dopey in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

9. Viola Ross Napier of Macon was the first woman in Georgia to be sworn in as a legislator in 1923. She once sponsored a bill to change the method of capital punishment from hanging to what form?

(A) Lethal injection. (B) Electrocution. (C) Firing squad. (D) Watching the Atlanta Braves hit with runners in scoring position.

10. Which celebrity couple got engaged while dining in a booth at the Le Bistro (now the Downtown Grill)?

(A) Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. (B) Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. (C) Greg Allman and Cher. (D) Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

ANSWERS: (1) C. (2) B. (3) C. (4) D. (5) A. (6) B. (7) C. (8) A. (9) B. (10) C.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Super Hero. (7-8) Honor Roll. (5-6) Nice Try. (3-4) Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (0-2) Better Luck Next Year.

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