Ed Grisamore

Gris: Monday Morning Trivia

I see that ice skating has returned to the Macon Colisuem.

Although I haven’t put on a pair of skates in years, I used to love to glide around the rink. It was the falling on cold, wet ice I didn’t appreciate.

Monday Morning Trivia is off to a fast start on the first day of December. Strap on your skates.

1. Daredevil aerialist Nik Wallenda tightroped between two skyscrapers 600 feet above downtown Chicago last month. There have been reports about Wallenda walking across which natural wonder in Georgia next year, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of his great-grandfather Karl Wallenda’s skywalk there July 18, 1970?

(A) Stone Mountain. (B) Tallulah Gorge. (C) Amicalola Falls. (D) Okefenokee Swamp.

2. Macon’s Little Richard Penniman will be 82 years old Friday. Which of the following jobs did the famous singer NOT have when he was living in Macon?

(A) Dishwasher at the Greyhound bus station. (B) Curb hop at the Pig ‘n Whistle restaurant. (C) Concession worker at the Macon City Auditorium. (D) Chimney sweeper in Pleasant Hill.

3. Walter Smith Jr., was born in the community of Ailey, in Montgomery County, in 1921. He went on to become one of the greatest boxers of all time. He is known to the world by what name?

(A) Cassius Clay. (B) Sugar Ray Robinson. (C) Rocky Marciano. (D) Rocky Balboa.

4. What was the area code for Macon and most of Middle Georgia before it was changed to 478?

(A) 404. (B) 678. (C) 912. (D) 666.

5. Next week marks the 47th anniversary of the death of Macon soul singer Otis Redding, who was killed in a plane crash Dec. 10, 1967, while flying to perform at a concert in Madison, Wisconsin. Which well-known singer was NOT killed in a plane crash while on tour?

(A) Michael Jackson. (B) Buddy Holly. (C) Patsy Cline. (D) Jim Croce.

6. He has a college (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College) named after him. Baldwin County is also named in his honor and is the home of two colleges, Georgia College & State University and Georgia Military College. Baldwin, however, is best known as the founding father of which university?

(A) Georgia State. (B) Georgia Southern. (C) Kennesaw State. (D) University of Georgia.

7. In 1936, Athens native Fred Birchmore rode his bicycle around the world, a distance of 25,000 miles. He named his bicycle “Bucephalus,” after Alexander the Great’s war horse. Where can the bike be seen today?

(A) Upper deck at Sanford Stadium. (B) Smithsonian Museum in Washington. (C) Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. (D) Atlanta History Museum.

8. In December 1870, Jefferson Franklin Long became the first African-American elected to Congress. He also was the first black to speak on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. He was from Macon but was born in which nearby county?

(A) Crawford County. (B) Twiggs County. (C) Bleckley County. (D) Wilkinson County.

9. When “Gone With The Wind” had its world premiere on Dec. 15, 1939, the facade of the Loew’s Grand Theater in Atlanta was made to look like what?

(A) Southern mansion Tara. (B) Carpetbagger’s Cottage. (C) Appomattox Courthouse. (D) Pittypat’s Porch.

10. Which of the following women is NOT a graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon, the first university in the world to grant degrees to women?

(A) Neva Jane Langley Fickling. (B) Madame Chiang Kai-shek. (C) Catherine Marshall. (D) Kathryn Stripling Byer.

ANSWERS: (1) B. (2) D. (3) B. (4) C. (5) A. (6) D. (7) B. (8) A. (9) A. (10) C.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Hans Brinker-worthy. (7-8) One-arm overhead lift. (5-6) Other arm with a cast on it. (3-4) Tonya Harding is right behind you. (0-2) Frozen.

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