Ed Grisamore

Grisamore: Trivia is love of labor

Today is Labor Day, the annual holiday we set aside to honor American workers.

So, how do we celebrate?

We take the day off, sleep late, go fishing, grill burgers and sip cool beverages in the shade.

But Monday Morning Trivia is working overtime to educate and enlighten you. We are putting in long hours in our efforts to stump our loyal readers.

1. On Dec. 7, 1972, exactly 31 years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, this Japanese zipper company announced its first major plant in the U.S. would be built in Macon. What was the name of Georgia’s first Japanese-owned factory, which continues to employ about 725 workers?

A. YKK. B. Y2K. C. XYZ. D. Bubba’s Bait & Tackle.

2. Which airline started in Macon as a crop-dusting company in 1924 and now has more than 80,000 employees and transports 165 million passengers each year?

(A) Southwest. (B) JetBlue. (C) Delta. (D) TWA.

3. Which international volunteer service organization for business and professional women was founded in Macon?

A. Federated Garden Club. B. Red Hat Society. C. Woodwomen of the World. D. Pilot Club.

4. With more than 21,000 employees, what is the largest employer in Middle Georgia?

A. Macon Bar Association. B. Bibb County jail. C. Robins Air Force Base. D. Internal Revenue Service.

5. Which locally founded company, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of school buses, has been headquartered in Fort Valley since 1927?

(A) Bluejay. (B) Bluebird. (C) Blackbird. (D) Jaybird.

6. In 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, employees from which Macon company took voluntary pay cuts to keep the business open?

(A) Central Georgia Railroad. (B) McDonald’s. (C) U.S. Postal Service. (D) Bibb Company.

7. Which Depression-era roadside stand in Eastman was the genesis for a pecan-rolling, gas-pumping empire that grew to more than 300 stores and at one time had thousands of employees on its payroll?

(A) Stuckey’s. (B) 7-Eleven. (C) Whistlestop Cafe. (D) Bob’s Burgers.

8. The Medical Center of Central Georgia is the largest employer in Bibb County. What is the second-largest?

(A) Sam’s Club. (B) Waffle House. (C) Geico. (D) Wesleyan College.

9. W.J. “Bill” Usery Jr. was the first Georgian to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor when he was appointed in 1976 by President Gerald Ford. Usery was born in Baldwin County, attended GMC and Mercer University, and was a maintenance machinist at which Macon plant after World War II?

(A) Brown & Williamson. (B) Keebler. (C) Armstrong Cork. (D) Cassidy’s Garage.

10. In the late 1800s, laborers in Barnesville helped make this town the South’s leading producer of what method of transportation?

(A) Bicycles. (B) Buggies. (C) Trains. (D) Steamboats.

BONUS QUESTION: How many employees does Monday Morning Trivia have working in its research department?

(A) 12. (B) 12,000. (C) 37. (D) 1.

ANSWERS: (1) A. (2) C. (3) D. (4) C. (5) B. (6) D. (7) A. (8) C. (9) C. (10) B. (Bonus) D.

REPORT CARD: (9-11) President & CEO. (7-8) Vice president. (5-6) Assistant to the vice president. (3-4) Minimum wage. (0-2) Chief intern and gofer.

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