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Middle Georgians honor 48th's service

To Sgt. Watson of Byron and all 48th members and families: Thank you and may God hold each of you safely in the palm of his hand. You are appreciated and supported.We are all so proud of you. Spc. Kelley, we are all standing by you. I am proud of you baby. Smile and hang in there. You and everyone else in the 48th is going to make it through this, one step at a time. Y’all be safe and take care. Remember, live every day as if it was your last, I can’t wait to see every single one you home safe and sound. Stay safe and God bless. Robyn Burris

Dear members of the 48th Infantry Brigade,As you prepare to go to Afghanistan, I salute you for your service to America and to other freedom-loving people. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to protecting us in a dangerous world.You are in our thoughts and prayers. Ann PiercePerry

THANK YOU! I do not have the words to express how much we appreciate your service. My son is serving overseas, and it is not easy to let your loved ones go. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you serve, and also with the loved ones you leave here at home.May you feel the love and support while you are away and may you always know that you are in our prayers.Thank you again for your sacrifice.Gail Gray

I just wanted to say thank you to the 48th Brigade and thank you for all the things our military does. I consider myself blessed to live here in the Middle Georgia area where we take pride in our military. I am so proud of our military people for their service. You and your families our in our thoughts and prayers — DAILY!Gaye Harris

To Sgt. Watson of Byron and all 48th members and families: THANK YOU and may God hold each of you safely in the palm of his hand. You are appreciated and supported.To the members of the 48th Infantry Brigade:Georgians are praying daily for your safe return home. We are thankful for your daily sacrifices to protect us.Keep the faith. We love you! The Georgia team will get the job done! May God continue to bless the 48th Infantry Brigade. The Rev. and Mrs. Ronny Mays Sr.Mrs. Alesia T. Mays

As, a proud supporter of the Guard. I would like to share a few experiences with deployments. I have gone through it three times and going on a fourth. My dad is in the National Guard, and will be going overseas, unfortunately. He is a proud supporter of the guard and will take care of our soldiers. The deployment starts (April) 24th. My dad will be leaving in May.For the recent deployments, we had a big welcome home party that was held with our friends, family and neighbors. I hope that a lot of these soldiers are doing their job, and I know they are to help keep our country safe from injury. I keep every one of those soldiers kept in my heart each daily, and will be forever. I know a lot of soldiers personally. This deployment is going to be rough with my family. I hope that everyone is safe especially my daddy and his brigade. God bless America.Rich Taylor, 13Daughter of Maj. Marshall Rich

My son, Pfc. Matthew Cazenave, is a member of the 48th Brigade, 148th Brigade Support Battalion of the Georgia Army National Guard, headquartered in Forsyth. We are very blessed that his battalion commander, Lt. Col. Perry A. Carter, is a Christian and one who cares about his troops. We are asking every Christian in Middle Georgia to pray daily for the soldiers of the 48th Brigade. Please ask your church to place the soldiers of the 48th Brigade on your church prayer list as well. It is our fervent prayer that all of our family members will return home safely. Thank you for making this a daily commitment in your prayer life.Lewis CazenaveMontezuma

Staff Sgt. Dwayne Watson is the greatest husband and father in the world. We are very proud of him and will count the days until he returns home. He is with us in our hearts and we know we are in his.Traci, Allie and Chris WatsonByron

Dear 48th,The definition of a patriot is one who loves his country. I feel the word patriot is the only way to describe what you do for our country. You leave your home, your friends, your family and sometimes your country to secure freedom and security for others. Thank you. You lead the fight that protects the rights we enjoy in the Constitution. So many of us take those rights for granted. This is just a note letting you know I appreciate what you and your brothers and sisters in all of our country’s armed forces do for us every day.Sincerely,Mr. John S. GravelyNorthside High School civics teacher

Dear 48th,I’m glad that you have united with us to defend against terrorists. With your help, we can keep my country and yours safe from terrorists. We will also be able to maintain our power in our countries. So I thank you and wish everyone the best of luck to survive. Thank you!Sincerely,Darrius Hampton

Dear 48th,Hey, my name is Bobby, and I am a student at Northside High School. My civics teacher’s name is Mr. Gravely, and he told that you all were back home. I just wanted to say thanks and I support and love you all. I am also grateful that you put your life on the line for us to be free. So good luck.Thank you.Bobby Stephens III

Dear 48th,Hi my name is Kanesha Ross. I’m a freshman at Northside High. We are learning about the rights of people. I am truly happy that your defending our country. I’m so happy that you just didn’t think of yourself but of others. I loved that you see the bigger picture. You are real brave and kind for doing this, and I will never forget you for doing this. My love and support goes out to you and your family. Keep your head up because things are truly going to get better. I believe that with all my heart. Remember everything happens for a reason.Love,Kanesha Ross

Dear 48th,My name is Charnise Williams. My cousin does the same thing that you do. I really understand what you’re going through. I must say I really appreciate you all supporting the United States. You all will be in my prayers. Thank you.Charnise Williams

Dear 48th,I’m a student in Mr. Gravely’s civics class. I appreciate what your doing for our country. It’s very brave what your doing and I thank you gratefully. I am very thankful for the protection your guys give us. Good luck.Elan Cannon

Dear 48th,My name is Joshua Long. I am the son of Tech Sgt. Long of the United States Air Force. I understand what you are going through, my father was deployed to Saddam’s palace in Baghdad last year. Every male in my family has served so I feel I could do the same in return. I just wish y’all the best of luck and don’t do anything to risky!Sincerely,Joshua Long

Dear 48th,My name is Antuanette Nelson. I am a student athlete attending Northside High School. In Mr. Gravely’s ninth grade class, we are learning what right that you are trying to protect. We’ve been studying about the Constitution and we understand that y’all are fighting to protect our rights. I appreciate everything you do for our country. You leave your family, friends and loved ones just for us. I just want to encourage you to stay strong and be positive. I hope you will come home soon, and you will always be in my prayers.Thank you,Antuanette Nelson

Dear 48th,I appreciate you guys supporting the United States and going to defend us. Maybe one day you will inspire me by doing something for our nation because right now I don’t have the strength, will and power you do. My uncle right now is over in the war and I’m praying that you guys and him both return safely. I gladly thank you for what you have done.You all will be in my prayers.Sincerely,Monique Morganfield

Hi, my name is Erika and I go to Northside High School. My teacher Mr. Gravely told my classmates and myself about you. I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for you and every other soldier that risked their lives for America. I also wanted to say be safe and I will keep you in my prayers. Also stay positive and strong, and focus on coming back homeThank you,Erika Campbell

Dear 48th,My name is Courtney Thompson. I go to Northside High and am in Mr. Gravely’s civics class. Mr. Gravely was talking to my class yesterday about how the 48th are getting shipped off. We understand how you all are fighting for our country and we appreciate what you all do for our country. Thank you.Sincerely,Courtney Thompson

Dear 48th,Hey my name is D’Airean Harvey. I attend Northside High School and I am hearing a lot about you wonderful Americans. In my eyes, you guys are my heroes. When I hear about what you guys are doing, I sit back and smile because it shows other citizens that you guys really care and its showing other citizens that being brave can get you a lot of respect. Watching you wonderful Americans doing a good job for the nation shows everybody that your brave, powerful and confident. I look up to people that do special jobs like you guys are doing. I highly appreciate what you are doing and I’m keeping all of you in my dreams and prayers. Thank you,D’Airean Harvey

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