No resolution in Monroe superintendent investigation

More than two months after an investigation began into the online activity of Monroe County school Superintendent Anthony Pack, answers are still scarce.

Pack was accused of using his school-issued devices to participate in an “online dating site geared towards male relationships,” according to a statement he released in March. In that statement, he admitted he is gay, but he maintained he had done nothing improper with school resources.

Sheriff John Cary Bittick said Wednesday that the investigation continues, and his investigators are waiting for the results of a search of Pack’s school computer, phone and tablet by an outside agency.

“We have not gotten anything,” said Bittick, who noted that he had checked on the status of the request himself Wednesday.

Bittick, who declined to identify the agency conducting the search, said he had been given no timetable for when the results could be finished.

“It’s up to them, whenever they finish it,” he said.

Pack’s lawyer, David Dorer, confirmed that his client had received no update about the investigation’s status. He said it was his understanding that the investigating agency was a non-government, for-profit organization. He said he was “very confident” the results would be in Pack’s favor.

“What we’re anticipating is an exhaustive investigation that produces absolutely no wrongdoing,” Dorer said.

Pack has been out on medical leave for “another personal issue” since before the incident came to light. In his absence, assistant superintendents Jackson Daniel, Mike Hickman and Angie Dillon have taken over leadership duties.

“It’s been business as usual for those of us still here,” Daniel said.

School board member Nolen Howard declined to discuss the specifics of Pack’s situation, but he commended the job done by Daniel, Hickman and Dillon.

“Everything seems to be running well,” he said.

Dorer didn’t say how long Pack would be on leave.

“We are hoping for a swift recovery for him,” he said.

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