Wonder twins: Sisters claim top graduating spots at Mount de Sales

Mount de Sales Academy’s graduating seniors will receive a double dose of Pearson wisdom Friday night during the valedictorian and salutatorian speeches.

Twins Elizabeth and Caroline Pearson, 18, will address the 2015 graduating class as valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.

Elizabeth bested her sister by mere hundredths of a grade point.

“I didn’t know she was catching up, or I would’ve upped my game,” she said.

“I would’ve upped my game,” Caroline fired back.

One of their favorite teachers, Ron McLachlan, who taught them AP chemistry, remembers how much of a delight they were in his class.

“They’re good at everything,” he said. “They are intelligent, they have a great sense of humor, they’re good people. They’re the kind of students that any teacher/professor would want to have in their class because they have an innate curiosity.”

McLachlan added that while chemistry didn’t appear to be the twins’ forte, he said he thinks they in part took the class because they had an interest in learning anything they could.

One day in class, McLachlan recounted, “I mentioned to them that a neutron is actually a double particle, and they never heard that before. And it was almost like they were offended no one ever told them that before.”

Elizabeth, who was a National Merit Scholar, shared that the gist of her speech Friday will focus on “how far we’ve come” since middle school.

And Caroline, who was a STAR student this year, said she plans to talk about “how college is going to be unique in a way because, for once, we’re going to be forging our own path.”

While the twins went through school sharing a lot of the same friends and same extracurricular activities like theater and mock trial, their road to college will fork and they will go their separate ways.

Caroline is set to attend the University of Georgia to study political science, and Elizabeth will head to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

They both agreed it will be “extremely different and difficult,” but they made the decision that, if nothing else, the experience of being apart and independent will be worthwhile.

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