Bibb’s new superintendent shares his entry plan

Now in his second week as the Bibb County school district’s superintendent, Curtis L. Jones already has a host of short-term goals he’s looking to accomplish.

Unlike his predecessor, Romain Dallemand, Jones hasn’t devised a “Macon Miracle” for Bibb schools. He has, however, submitted a 150-day entry plan to school board members outlining his strategy for transition.

That strategy includes developing “a strong understanding about the people, partners and community” that support Bibb schools and finding out what things Bibb is doing well -- and what areas need improvement.

Jones breaks down the plan into four main goals: school board relations, understanding the Bibb County school district, critical issue analysis, and effective communication and community engagement.

Here’s a timeline for the plan:


Meet with all board members individually and establish a regular meeting time with board president.

Central office briefings to understand depth of programs and activities.

Strategic cabinet meeting for an overview of responsibilities.

Review upcoming board approvals, reports and presentations as well as pending legal matters with in-house counsel.

Review district safety and security plan, including plans for crisis communications.


Schedule board retreat to discuss and develop communication protocols and expectations between superintendent and the board.

Review policies, regulations, strategic plan, budgets, AdvancED report and other critical documents.


Evaluate performance of schools and improvement efforts.

Meet with local representatives to General Assembly as well as community leaders.

Meet with local media outlets, editorial boards and education reporters to establish a framework for communication.

Develop an avenue for outreach to minority communities.


Evaluate district attendance, discipline and interventions to improve.

Conduct open meetings for teachers and other staff during the school year.

Meet regularly with high schools’ student leadership.


Identify existing and needed advisory groups (PTA/PTSOs) and hold listening sessions with them.

By September, Jones will provide the board with a detailed report related to his findings from the plan. He also hopes to incorporate the lessons learned into a strategic plan by October. “I do believe I will be able to continue doing what I’m doing,” Jones said, adding that he hopes to visit every school before the summer vacation. “It’s important to get to the schools while students are there.”