Howard High’s principal retiring

Howard High School principal Karen Yarbrough announced Friday that she is retiring.

Her departure will leave five of the seven high schools with vacancies this fall.

“I love the kids, and it was a hard decision,” she said. “My mother is not in good health, and I was working 12 to 14 hours a day. I needed some time.”

Yarbrough worked for the school system for 30 years, helping to open Sonny Carter Elementary as an assistant principal in 1994 and opening the new Howard High a few years ago.

Rutland High School principal Gail Gilbert announced her retirement recently. Southwest High School principal Tyrone Bacon’s contract is not being renewed.

Meanwhile, Northeast High School principal Herbert Hodges and Hutchings Career Center principal Ron McCall are being replaced through a School Improvement Grant to reform their schools.

Central High School principal Jeff Homan has said he plans to return, as will Westside High School principal Laura Perkins.