Principal says she’s leaving Rutland High School

Gail Gilbert, Rutland High School’s principal, submitted her resignation to the school system last week, but she said her departure was not related to the recent investigation of a school field trip.

Last month, Rutland High teachers and students rallied for Gilbert to stay on when her job was threatened by the terms of a federal grant that aims to reform Rutland and three other low-performing high schools in Macon.

Gilbert said at that time that she wanted to stay, but she said this week that she has since changed her mind.

She said in an e-mail that she learned over spring break that a family member had a life-threatening medical issue, so she needed to retire.

“I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to return,” Gilbert said. “When knowledge of my family issue came to my attention over spring break, it took me two weeks to make the decision to retire and put my family first.”